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GGG Models – Emma Starr

Posted by Pornstarchive On November - 29 - 2014
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Emma Starr

emma-star-ggg-00007 emma-star-ggg-00008 emma-star-ggg-00038 emma-star-ggg-00058

Hair Color: Blond

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: DD

Info: According to Emma Starr’s bio on the IMDB website, Emma (aka Emma Starr) is a San Diego born American girl.  She’s fairly tall at 5′ 8″, and previously worked as a secretary prior to getting into adult films.  She was already in the swinger scene before doing movies, so she was no stranger to sexuality.  Emma was a late bloomer in the adult industry; starting to perform in movies at age 32 in the year 2003.  Interestingly along with being a porn star, she also has a job as a lawyer.

Comments: Emma Starr is the first American porn star to perform in GGG.  Unlike other starlets such as Annette Schwarz, Maren Beauette, Cassandra Jelen and a few notable others that got their start with John Thompson and then transitioned to American films, Emma Star was already famous in the States, and did GGG to get the experience with German cum. 

Emma is labeled as a “MILF” starlet; she boasts a nice figure, full lips and large augmented breasts.  The movie Emma Star bei GGG also has the distinction of having the only scene entirely in English, with Viktoria Goo guiding the scene with Emma.  Perhaps we will see more of Emma or other American starlets in the future of GGG!

GGG Films:

2014 Emma Starr bei GGG

Below is from the 1st scene in Emma Starr bei GGG along with Viktoria Goo.

emma-star-ggg-00077 emma-star-ggg-00079 emma-star-ggg-00084 emma-star-ggg-00088 emma-star-ggg-00091 emma-star-ggg-00135 emma-star-ggg-00151 emma-star-ggg-00159 emma-star-ggg-00166 emma-star-ggg-00172 emma-star-ggg-00179 emma-star-ggg-00193 emma-star-ggg-00206 emma-star-ggg-00210 emma-star-ggg-00227 emma-star-ggg-00234emma-star-ggg-00238 emma-star-ggg-00244 emma-star-ggg-00246 emma-star-ggg-00248 emma-star-ggg-00252 emma-star-ggg-00256 emma-star-ggg-00258 emma-star-ggg-00260 emma-star-ggg-00261 emma-star-ggg-00265 emma-star-ggg-00270 emma-star-ggg-00279 emma-star-ggg-00282 emma-star-ggg-00289 emma-star-ggg-00291 emma-star-ggg-00294 emma-star-ggg-00296


Below are some non-GGG pics of Emma Starr

emma-star-nude emma-star-nude-2



Emma Starr as the cover model for her GGG movie.


You can follow Emma on Twitter @milfstarr


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One Response so far.

  1. galactus says:

    I watched a 12 min clip of her GGG appearance.
    I do not like her performance. GGG should refrain from using american performers if this is what they’re going to get. Her responses and performance is typical of a disingenuous and insincere american “pornstar.” I don’t care what you choose to do with your life. If you’re not going to do it well, get out of the business.

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