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Posted by Pornstarchive On September - 14 - 2013
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Maren Beautte

maren 01Das Sperma-Teeny4 2Maren BeautteDas Sperma-Teeny5 2

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: A

Aliases: Marén Schukai, Elfi, Mareen, Marén Butte, Mariah Butte, Marlene, Heidi, Marén Beautte, Marin Bute, Mareen Felix

Info: Marén was born August 8 near Munich, Germany. Maren’s career is quite unusual. She was in adult films from 1998 until 2005, although she still appears in compilation DVDs.  She started her adult work in Germany but quickly became popular in American porn films. She speaks excellent English and German. She has a rose tattooed on her lower left abdomen and has a pierced tongue. Her films for John Thompson (using the name Elfi) were very early GGG titles, before the formula of filming in a dark nightclub with lots of dry ice had been established. Her scenes for Das Sperma-Teeny, for example, take place (seemingly) in someone’s living room, with the sofa covered in plastic sheeting. From there her career took off and she went on to appear in over 100 DVDs for such porn companies as Evil Angel, Elegant Angel, Dogfart, Devil’s Films, Diabolic Video, Seventeen, Max Hardcore and even Vivid, happily doing lesbian, interracial, double penetration, anal and pissing in her films. One of her most noticeable titles was the Girly Marén series from SG Video (7 volumes) in which she fucks, sucks and pisses her way through a series of increasingly bizarre adventures, ending in an interracial scene shot in America in Volume 7.

Since retiring from porn, Marén moved to Venice Beach, California to become a self employed Personal Fitness Trainer, Kickboxing Instructor and Massage Therapist (her current website, sensibly, fails to mention her porn career – this may be a factor her sports massage clients consider when hiring her for legitimate massage!). She was hired by the creators of the fitness workout plan P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, a home exercise system (developed by Tony Horton) to be one of several people training in the background of their workout DVDs. Over 25 very fit men and women appear in these DVDs as background exercisers and Marén is on the first DVD in the set (Tony pronounces her name “Maraine”, rhyming with “Lorraine”) became a minor fitness celebrity in the United States. Her film is only an hour long. A YouTube video has a cute scene from this DVD: “German Potato Soup!”.

Some websites tried to expose her past porn career as a news scoop, but it doesn’t seem to have affected her new line of work. Her Myspace page, which hasn’t been updated for several years, shows Marén describing herself as both single and straight. It currently lists her age (in 2013) as 38 suggesting she was born in 1975.

Comments: It goes without saying, Maren is a fit, tight-bodied cutie.  Although she only appeared in three GGG titles, one of which was a “best of” compilation (with scenes from Das Sperma-Teeny), seeing Maren at her youngest and horniest for just these two films is wonderful and it’s quite eye-opening witnessing just how uninhibited she was at such a young age. (A contributor to the AdultDVDTalk forum called her “One of the top porn lolitas of all time”.) She happily took cock in her arse and pussy simultaneously in Das Sperma-Teeny in a scene that seemed to go on forever, smiling broadly all the time. Now she has bulked up for her fitness career, she has lost that lithe, teen figure she once had but there’s still plenty to admire in her physicality. We wish her well…we wouldn’t want to annoy her now she has such huge muscles.

Special thanks to Bill for the contributions!

GGG Films:

1997 Teenies Jung und Willig ♥♥♥
1998 Das Sperma-Teeny (as ELFI)
♥♥♥♥ anale

A more complete list of both these and other non-GGG related movies (mostly her American films) can be found at IMDB.

Maren’s Filmography

NOTE:  It should be noted that some sites state that she was in Victoria, Das Sperma Opfer but this appears to be another Maren.

From Das Sperma-Teeny

Das Sperma-Teeny2 2Das Sperma-Teeny3 2 Das Sperma-Teeny6 2 Das Sperma-Teeny7 2 Das Sperma-Teeny8 2 Das Sperma-Teeny9 2 Das Sperma-Teeny10 2 Das Sperma-Teeny11 2 Das Sperma-Teeny12 2 Das Sperma-Teeny13 2 Das Sperma-Teeny14 2 Das Sperma-Teeny15 2 Das Sperma-Teeny16 2 Das Sperma-Teeny17 2 Das Sperma-Teeny18 2 Das Sperma-Teeny19 2 Das Sperma-Teeny20 2 Das Sperma-Teeny21 2 Das Sperma-Teeny22 2 Das Sperma-Teeny23 2 Das Sperma-Teeny24 2 Das Sperma-Teeny25 2 Das Sperma-Teeny26 2 Das Sperma-Teeny27 2 Das Sperma-Teeny28 2 Das Sperma-Teeny29 2 Das Sperma-Teeny30 2 Das Sperma-Teeny31 2 Das Sperma-Teeny32 2 Das Sperma-Teeny33 2 Das Sperma-Teeny34 2 Das Sperma-Teeny35 2 Das Sperma-Teeny36 2 Das Sperma-Teeny37 2 Das Sperma-Teeny38 2 Das Sperma-Teeny39 2 Das Sperma-Teeny40 2 Das Sperma-Teeny41 2 Das Sperma-Teeny42 2 Das Sperma-Teeny43 2 Das Sperma-Teeny44 2 Das Sperma-Teeny45 2 Das Sperma-Teeny46 2 Das Sperma-Teeny47 2 Das Sperma-Teeny48 2 Das Sperma-Teeny49 2 Das Sperma-Teeny50 2 Das Sperma-Teeny51 2 Das Sperma-Teeny52 2 Das Sperma-Teeny53 2 Das Sperma-Teeny54 2 Das Sperma-Teeny55 2 Das Sperma-Teeny56 2 Das Sperma-Teeny57 2 Das Sperma-Teeny58 2

Below are scenes from other non-GGG related movies

Gangland 32

Gangland 32-Maren Gangland 32-Maren2 Gangland 32-Maren3 Gangland 32-Maren4 Gangland 32-Maren5 Gangland 32-Maren6 Gangland 32-Maren7 Gangland 32-Maren8 Gangland 32-Maren9 Gangland 32-Maren10 Gangland 32-Maren11 Gangland 32-Maren12

Other random scenes

00300200175499_31_123_1078lo 75494_16_123_699lo 75490_15_123_1005lo 75488_14_123_400lo 75477_13_123_1082lo 75472_11_123_497lo 71473_015_123_662lo 71465_013_123_769lo 71463_012_123_180lo 71371_001_123_425lo   036 035 033 032 027 026 025 024 023 017 016 011 010 009 008 007 006 005   maren1

Scene from P90x Series in which Maren is among the exercisers in the background. German Potato Soup!

maren fitness P90X Workout System2amaren3

From Maren’s fitness site

Maren Face Maren Body maren 5 maren 4 maren 3 maren 2maren 1maren pic


Maren as a GGG Cover Girl

Jung und willig dvd coverDas Sperma-Teeny dvd cover


DVD covers for Girly Maren series

girly maren 3girly maren 2girly maren 1



Click below to see the trailer for
Das Sperma Teeny


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10 Responses so far.

  1. sampaioed says:

    Hey Guys have you watched the movie Achtung! Spermalawien I think this one is from 1997 on the first scene Maren is there doing some lesbian sex with another girl called Mary.
    It not focus well on her face but you can notice is her specially when it show the rose tattoo.

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  2. pwh says:

    I’m not quite sure but I believe that Maren stars in a movie called Sperma in dem auge.
    She appeares here in something about 20. minute:

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  3. Bill says:

    Here’s some of her recent topless yoga stuff on YouTube.

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