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A Pornstarchive Exclusive

by Bill Malone

Kirie GGG InterviewPornstarchive’s own Bill Malone had the fortunate chance to get an exclusive phone interview with the busty British sex-pot Kirie.  Kirie is a former GGG starlet and a current star in her own right, appearing on 2 websites; her page and her own website. Her exploits can also be read on twitter @CreampieKirie. Kirie is the only British porn star to appear on John Thompson’s movies thus far. You can arrange to meet her via her page.

Bill Malone is interviewing Kirie over the phone as she is on the way to one of the dogging events she is well-known for in England.

Bill Malone: How did you get involved with John Thompson?

Kirie: My driver had a friend who’s German who was a friend of John Thompson and they said I’d be very good for the GGG films. So we sent them some pictures and they said yes, two weeks later.

BM: How many times have you been over to Germany?

K: I’ve only been over twice and done seven films. That I know of!

BM: How many scenes would they shoot in one day?

K: They don’t stop, everyone gets to the studios for 9 am and the first time I was there, I was there until after midnight. And the last time, I got out about 11.30 pm. So it’s a full day.

BM: And you get breaks I assume?

K: Yes, you have to. After each scene you have to shower and wash your hair and get your hair and make-up done again, ready for the next one.

BM: Had you done any of this kind of filming before you went to Germany in 2010?

K: I do my own stuff.

BM: For film or for paying clients?

K: I’ve got my own website, that’s what I do it for. With John Thompson, I only wanted to do the GGG stuff to get a name for myself, now I have, I don’t need him anymore. I wouldn’t go back and shoot for him. I don’t like him. He’s not a very nice man.

BM: He does have a reputation, he’s been referred to as a ‘Mini Hitler’.

K: I heard him shout at a girl when I was there, “Work!”, really nasty, I thought “There’s no need for it.” I’d never do anything for him ever again.

BM: OK! Well, that’s answered a later question…

K: (laughs)

BM: I’ve read another GGG film has been released with you in, would that have been filmed a long time ago, then?

K: Yes, I would have been. Let me just ask for ya… (Kirie asks her partner)…It was 2010.

BM: Did you keep in touch with any of the other girls that were working in these films?

K: No, but one of the GGG men came to stay at my house the other week…

BM: In the UK?

K: Yes, that was Stefan.

BM: How would we know Stefan?

K: He has long hair, his has a piercing and, when I picked him up from the airport, he had a beard. He always wears cotton wristbands. If you look on my website, on the top right, there’s a picture of Stefan holding my boobs.

BM: Ok. On your Adultwork blog you have a wonderful write-up of your time filming for GGG, was that all true?!

K: Yeah! We just filmed, nothing exciting!

BM: It’s amazing, it sounds like some bizarre, perverse holiday…

K: (laughs) Yeah, we’ve got a good video on the site, I’m eating all the cum from different flutes and everything…

BM: I can’t believe anyone could film having sex from 9 am until midnight and then disappear of with the studs from the films and carry on! Do you ever get sick of sex?

K: If I do, I’ll say “I want to stop now, I’m tired!” But the second time in Germany, I spent the full night filming, then spent all night with Stefan, in his room in the hotel. Just shagging. Missing the plane! So me and my driver had to get a later plane. So, it was fun!

BM: So any plans to go back to Germany to work for JT or someone else?

K: I might work for somebody else, I was going to hold off until after Christmas. But John Thompson, no. Never. He’s got to understand it’s the girls that make him the money. He doesn’t seem to think that.

BM: He does appear to be less involved personally in the newer films.

K: There was one camera guy holding one, another holding another. That how it was last time. Last time, as well, before we all went on, we had to do the walk in the middle, he said we had to smile and pretend we were all enjoying ourselves. Well, if you don’t enjoy yourself, you’re doing the wrong job!

BM: If we could see what you see, looking back behind the camera, what would we see?

K: There’s an audience watching, about 20 to 30 guys just watching. You’ve ‘The Cummers’, “The Pissers” and “The Fuckers”, the people that fuck are his main men and whilst you’re still fucking them, The Cummers will come on and cum on you. One scene I did, I got tied up and pissed on whilst doing a DP and everything.

BM: It seems like a production line, a conveyer belt…

K: Yeah, it is. His stuff is not amateur, he says it’s amateur but it’s not.  I do amateur, for my own site. Not “Tommo’s” site. He tries to pass it off as amateur but anyone can see it’s not.

BM: You seem to have done more DVDs for JT that anyone else, yet your Adultwork site has hundreds of clips of homemade movies, is this the way you’re going; downloads, rather than DVDs?

K: Yes, its just really hard to find a good set of people to shoot with in England. All the producers here are crap. I wouldn’t shoot for anybody in England. They’re not worth it.


BM: On your Adultwork blog, there’s an awful lot of material about animal rights. An AWFUL lot. You’re a vegan, right?

Kirie GGG Animal Abuse AdvocateK: Yes, I am.

BM: How long does it take to adjust your diet to being a vegan?

K: I haven’t eaten anything animal since I was 10. So it was very easy for me. I love and respect animals too much. That’s what I try and fight for.

BM: A stupid question here – does eating human sperm count against being vegan?

K: I haven’t a clue! (laughs) I can’t answer that one.

BM: Technically it’s from an animal…

K: It’s only human, anyway.

BM: So it’s OK to eat humans?

K: Yeah. (laughs) That’s just for animal. Animals, and having sex, are what I like.

BM: But seperately…

K: Yeah (laughs).

BM: Apart from becoming a vegan, what can others do to support your beliefs, is there a charity you’re involved with?

K: I do them all, PETA is fantastic (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They’re against animal testing, they’re trying to stop it. They get the secret films from the laboratories. If people can support the charities and send them some money…I send them a lot every month…but even if they haven’t a lot of money, they could send £10, £20, every month, it ain’t gonna hurt them.


K: Vegan cheese is not very nice…I don’t like it, or cream. They should just not make it! I don’t think I could get used to that.

BM: How do you explain what you do for a living to others, what does it say under ‘occupation’ on your passport?

K: Model. (laughs)

BM: Do you have to keep what you do secret from relatives?

K: No, they know. See, I’m the type of person who, if someone doesn’t agree with something, I just say “So what?’. I don’t care, I do what I want, when I want. I feel that I have to answer to nobody!

BM: I get that impression looking at your site!

K: (laughs)

BM: Why do you do the job that you do?

K: Because I enjoy it. I like having sex with a lot of different men, not just one or two. And then I give loads of money away to animal charities anyway! I’m getting what I want and the animals are getting help.

BM: So by paying you for your time and your downloadable films, people are contributing to your beliefs as well.

K: Yeah, they are. People say I’m stupid, why do I do it like that? I think people think escorts just take the money and its all for themselves, well I’m lucky, I don’t need the money. My partner is a musician, so he gets me anything I want.

BM: You’re schedule on Adultwork is very full on, what is a typical working day for you?

K: Well I only work two days a week. I got up at 5 am this morning, my driver picks me up at 7 am, we leave the hotel, there’s three ‘doggings’ and once we’ve finished in the morning we’ll stay at the hotel until about 7 pm or 7.30pm, shag all day, then on the way home we do another one or two doggings. If there’s anybody who wants to go back to the hotel, I usually do that. I expect, tonight, we won’t get back tonight until 1.30 am or 2 am. So it’s a long day.

BM: Yes! It says on your site you’re happy to do bareback (unprotected sex). I understand why for films this may be important but…

K: Yeah, well, I’ve put a stop to all that now. If they’ve got a certificate and I’m filming for a proper shoot, fair enough. But I don’t do it for one-to-ones or dogging anymore.

BM: That’s a relief. I know it’s your choice, but it’s hard not to feel concerned for the people involved who seem to ignore safe sex.

K: That’s why I stopped it. There’s a lot of stuff going about now.

Kirie GGG 5BM: How does having sex for a living affect your having sex for fun? Do you still get the chance to have sex for fun?

K: Yeah, with my partner! I think, as Kirie, I’m a pornstar, as myself, I’m not. If you know what I mean.

BM: So there’s a definite difference between the two of you?

K: A little, I am a very flirty person. I do flirt a lot, but I can’t help that!

BM: I’m sure you’re sick of talking about your boobs, but how big were they before you had them enlarged?

K: C. 30 C.

BM: A C-cup? And what are they now?

K: Now, a 30 MM. Well, one of them went wrong,  so I’m on tablets for that, in some of the GGG films, you can really tell, but it’s getting better now.

BM: I’m glad to hear that!

K: I had an internal infection and it made my boob rock hard. I’ve been on these tablets for about a year and a half and it’s getting a lot softer now, it will get exactly like the other one, as soft as that. They’re heavy. I wouldn’t recommend anyone got them this big, it does give my neck and my back a lot of trouble.

BM: Why did you decide to go for the size that you did?

K: I wanted them for me. Not for anybody else. It’s something I want, at one point I wanted to go bigger than this! Just to say I’ve got big boobs, really, to show off. But, I think I’ve grown up now. If I chose to get them smaller, then I will. I have said to a few guys I was thinking of getting them made smaller and they said “Oh, don’t do that!” and I thought “I don’t care what you think.”

BM: It’s good to hear you’re in charge of them, and it’s not been done for someone else. Some girls get them enlarged to get them more work, it’s not their decision, which is…

K: …seems silly.

BM: It is. Tell me about dogging, how do people get to meet and have sex with you outside?

K: We go to several places regularly, people send emails and we tell them when it’s going to be, and if they phone or text we can tell them exactly where we’re going to be and at what time, and if they show up, they show, if not, it doesn’t matter. We’ve just finished one, we’re going to East Kilbride now (near Glasgow, Scotland), and my feet are covered in mud from going through the woods (laughs).

BM: Do you ever think to yourself “What am I doing this for?” when you’re in the middle of the woods?

K: I do with weather like this, yeah! (laughs)

BM: You must get occasions when nobody turns up…

K: Yeah, we’ve had a few of them. But…it’s their loss!

BM: Good point!

K: It doesn’t matter if they turn up or not, because I’m going to be there anyway. So they can’t waste my time.

BM: You’ve had 14 million views of your Adultwork profile…

K: Have I?

BM: Yes, it says 605 positive feedback ratings and almost 15 million views of your page.

K: Fucking hell!

BM: That’s pretty incredible for 5 years of work. What would you be doing if you weren’t a model or an escort?

K: Um, pole dancing. I like that. I’d probably do that in my spare time and help animals the rest of the time.

BM: What were you planning on doing when you were younger?

K: A midwife! That’s what I went to college for…but I don’t know why because I don’t like children. They’re animals. So God knows why I wanted to be a midwife!

BM: It’s a similar area to porn, just at the opposite end of the process.

K: Yeah! (laughs)

Kirie GGG 3BM: What do you do in your spare time…when you’re not being banged up against a tree?

K: (laughs) I play the piano, the guitar, I do music with my partner, I do petitions for animals, to help save them, try and make people aware of the stuff that’s going on, but I’m studying to be a 3D game animator, I love video games. I know some people think “Kirie ain’t got the brains for that!”, but I’m proving everybody wrong (laughs).

BM: I think you would make an interesting computer game character yourself, you have the build for it.

K: People keep saying I should make my own video game. I say “Who’d buy a sex game like that?”, they’ve all said “We would!” (laughs). That’d be funny.

BM: Games are very interactive now, with Wii and Playstation Move, they’re very physical, you operate them by waving things around. It won’t be long before there’s interactive porn…

K: Then, I’d make that game.

BM: You could be the first. The Lara Croft of interactive porn.

K: That’s good…(laughs).

BM: Where do you get your bras from?

K: I can’t say the name properly…Bravissimo? They’re online and have a shop in Leeds, I’m going there on Saturday.

BM: So anyone else reading this who has MM size breasts can go there and buy their own bras?

K: Yeah!

BM: Do you get nervous doing what you’re doing?

K: Not at all. I’ve been doing it for six or seven years.

BM: Do you still get that buzz from doing it? I’ve been to a few parties and you sit around awkwardly waiting for the sex to begin, everyone is politely chatting. Then it does and there’s an atmosphere in the room…

K: Usually with things like that, I’m sitting there thinking “When are they going to fuck me?”. Some parties are really good, if you have a good group of guys. But some, I can’t wait until it ends.

BM: You should have come to the ones I was at! I seemed to be the only guy not interested in talking about football, thinking “When do we start fucking, then?” None of the girls seemed to be thinking that way, so you should come to my part of the country more often!

K: I think I’ve only been there once. Maybe twice.

BM: You spend a lot of your time traveling…

K: Twice a week.

BM: But it’s Glasgow one day, London the next…that’s a lot of mileage. Is it worth doing?

K: Some places, it just begs for work, that’s why we travel. But I’d rather stay at home with my cats. I’ve got nine. I’d get more if I could. I’ve just had a cat house made in my living room for my birthday, next Wednesday.

BM: Are these rescued cats?

K: One is a stray, the rest are from The Cat’s Protection League, or if people have had kittens…one of mine was like that….another was from a rescue centre.

BM: So you’re a hopeless animal rescuer?

K: Yeah, I always say I was born to serve animals and that’s what I try to do. I’d like to be like Pamela Anderson, if you know what I mean, because of her beliefs, I don’t believe people should wear them, use them for entertainment  or eat them. Animals are to love, and that’s it.

BM: Tell us about Lothar, The White Pony, from the GGG films.

K: The one with the massive dick? He WAS big. People asked me how I took DP like that, I didn’t know what they were on about, I hadn’t watched it. But then I put one of the films on my laptop and thought “Fucking hell, how DID I take that?”. But the funny thing is, I didn’t feel anything, I think it was because I was so relaxed and excited. I don’t think I could do that here because I don’t get excited like I did at GGG.

BM: Was his the biggest penis you’ve ever had?

K: Yes. I wouldn’t want any bigger.

BM: I don’t think they make them much bigger. It’s about the size of my arm.

K: (laughs) To me it looked like he had an extension, there was a big scar around the base of it, like it had been stuck on. It was weird.

BM: So you’re not in contact with him anymore.

K: No.

BM: But you are with Stefan. Would he give us an interview, do you think?

K: I could ask him. The girls and the men at GGG are not supposed to talk to each other when you’re not filming.

BM: Really?

K: He (JT) doesn’t like it if you give one of the lads your email address or something, we’d get warned about that. But with Stefan, I waited outside to talk to him properly and that’s when we went off to the hotel, slept together all night. I can ask him.

BM: Kirie, thank you ever so much for talking to us.

K: Have a great day! Thank you, bye!


Special thanks to Bill Malone for conducting this interview and our special and most sincere thank you to Kirie for taking time out of her busy schedule to speak with us.

Visit Creampie Kirie and tell her Pornstarchive sent you!

Creampie Kirie
Creampie Kirie

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