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October 2012

Pornstarchive was given a wonderful opportunity to get an interview from the lovely Cora.
Cora represents those women who, despite having shot a few GGG film have shown a enormous talent. Today, Cora is still active in sexual matters. Here’s what she told us.


Pornstarchive: How did you come into contact with GGG? Have you had an audition? Were you referred by someone to John Thompson?
Cora: I read on-line about shooting a GGG movie in the Netherlands. I got in contact, did no audition. I do not remember with whom I got in contact about this, he was Dutch.

Pornstarchive: Why did you choose GGG? Had you seen the movies? What do you like in porn?
Cora: I decided to go with GGG since they were the first and best Bukkake movies. I like enthusiasm in Porn. The girls all seemed to have fun.
I watched a lot of GGG movies with my husband and they got us horny. My husband dared me….

Pornstarchive: Before GGG, had you shot other porn movies? With who? Some titles?
Cora: No

Pornstarchive: How was your experience in GGG? What do you remember with pleasure and what do you not?
Cora: I liked the first the best, that was shot in Holland. It was exciting.
I was not so happy with the fact that the second movie, filmed in Munchen* came out on the 666 label. I myself am not into watersports or dominating my so called daughter. The truth is that I am actually not so proud to be in that one.

Pornstarchive: You worked with Betty, now considered an icon of European bukkake. Did you like working with her? Have you talked to her before or after shooting? What did you said?
Cora: That is too long ago to remember, but I do remember I liked working with her. I did not have much contact with her though besides the sex scenes.

Pornstarchive: You shot with Kathy, who she stayed with other roles in GGG until 2010 (when JT moved to Berlin). Did you like working with her? Have you talked to her before or after shooting? What did you said?
Cora: That is also too long ago to remember but I do remember I liked working with her. Especially since she was nice and hot and could have been my naughty daughter. We had a nice vibe together.

Pornstarchive: On the screen, you had sex with Betty and Kathy. Can you call yourself bisexual? Was it a pleasant experience?
Cora: I think of myself as trysexual, meaning I will try everything that I am curious about at least once. Yes it was very pleasant!Having sex with women was not my first time though, so I guess I am bisexual as most women are. But I am much more into men.

Pornstarchive: The first movie was filmed in Munchen. Why was the second film shot in Berlin? Do you know the reason for this trip since the GGG headquarters was in Munchen?
Cora: Sorry, my first movie was shot in Holland and the second in Munchen. Nothing in Berlin, my mistake.

Pornstarchive: The second movie you shot is labeled 666. John Thompson has asked you to make a film of piss or did you get there without knowing? In the film we see that You have prepared Kathy to receive many pee-funnel: it was improvised or JT had prepared the scene before? Have you stayed to attend? What did you think at that moment?
Cora: I had no idea that I would appear in a 666 movie. JT had not asked and I did not like it at all. It spoiled a big deal of the fun for me. The tunnel was planned and I was disgusted that I was part of this. You do not see me in any pissing scene, because I refused. JT should have asked, then he had known that it was not going to do anything I am not into or curious about.

Pornstarchive: Are you still in touch with GGG girls or with other of the staff?
Cora: No

Pornstarchive: If JT had re-called you, you would have shot more movies? Or was you that you no longer wanted?
Cora: No, I do not feel compelled to do another movie with GGG. I do not like JT’s surprises and I think i come across better when i can do my own thing instead of being told what to do and when.

Pornstarchive: In general, how was the atmosphere in GGG? What is your impression of John Thompson?
Cora: I liked him as a photographer, but as a movie maker I did not like working with him. Too pushy in his directing.

Pornstarchive: You said that one of the reasons that pushed you in GGG was because you were sick of anti-rimple creams and you wanted to experiment with the sperm on the face to see if the brightness and the elasticity of the skin improved. The result of which was that? Semen is really good for the skin?
Cora: Yes, good for the skin, but that is not all. It is scientifically proven now that sperm is good for women. There is a lot of stuff in it that promotes good sleep, diminishes fear, makes you feel happy and even makes women more smart.

Pornstarchive: In both films we see that drink almost all the sperm of various cumshots. This suggests that you really like.
Cora: Sperm has several beneficial effect on women. And I do like it. See reasons above… and I like the feel of it!

Pornstarchive: You have turned for GGG at the age of 45 years. This has been a difficulty especially with girls much younger? Or with the men with whom you have fucked?
Cora: No, I did not want to do this when I was younger and I did not feel that I was less sexy than the younger girls.

Pornstarchive: As pornstar, have you recognized in public?
Cora: No, not as a pornster. As a sexcoach because I am on TV and in magazines a lot. In the Netherlands not many people know that I played in a GGG and a 666 movie.
And in a way I have been happy about that. But over the years bits and pieces from these movies showing up on the net have been send to me, with compliments and high regards.

Pornstarchive: Over the years, have you had other contacts with GGG? Have you turned other porn movies with other studios?
Cora: I won a special prize at the Joy Awards with a self-directed little pornclip “The Rose” in 2009. It came out on the label of Petra Joy “Her Porn 2” a female friendly pornographer from the UK.

Pornstarchive: Today you are the sex-coach of Holland. What is a sex-coach? What is your job? How is it done?
Cora: I am coaching people with their sexuality. That is my job. I do this in private consultations, workshops, magazines, books, radio and TV.

Pornstarchive: You realize radio programs, your fellows on TV to talk about sex. What are the main issues? What is the audience?
Cora: All ages. TV show had about half a million viewers, which is quit a lot for the Netherlands. Issues very from how to keep your relationship sexual to swallowing sperm. The TV show which translates into “Shoot and Swallow” has a young audience up to 30+.

Pornstarchive: In a country open and free, like the Netherlands, there is really need to talk about sex?
Cora: Yes. Holland seems open and free but there are still a lot of people who need and want coaching.

Pornstarchive: Do you get a lot of email from listeners and viewers of your programs? What do people mainly ask?
Cora: Sex or coaching. preferably free of charge….

Pornstarchive: For an educational video made ​​by you, you won the Mary Magdalena Award in San Francisco. What is it about your video? What was the motivation for the award?
Cora: The movie is about coaching women to discover their own sexuality. You see me teaching women how to masturbate, we all masturbate in a circle. It is a educational movie and I got the award because it was the best educational movie.

Pornstarchive: Do you have activities related to sexuality, for example, shows, etc..?
Cora: Not at the moment.

Pornstarchive: How do you see your future? Projects?
Cora: I am actually considering producing my own movie with a more friendly and happy atmosphere.
I think it is important to show that women can have fun with lots of cum and I’ll gladly be a role model.

Pornstarchive wishes to thank Cora for her exquisite availability, friendship and kindness. Thanks to her, our site continues to grow with another important witness.

Thank you, Cora!


*NOTE: Munchen is the native name of Munich – Admin

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