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There are many lovely girls of GGG. It’s hard to pick just one favorite. Fortunately each individual models profiles allow you, the horny viewer, to cast votes on your favorite GGG girls. Through Pornstarchive’s voting system, your votes were tallied and the results over the last few months are given.

The votes were taken for each individual month given certain girls are entered at different times.  We also have the sum totals which are at the end and tallied for the 2011 Ms Pornstarchive.  So let’s take a look at the winners!


Miss October 2011 – Melanie Moon

Melanie Moon GGG

Melanie Moon - Miss Pornstarchive October 2011

The beautiful, blond and busty Melanie Moon wins 1st place and our spot for Ms. Pornstarchive October 2011.  Aside from being a lovely woman, Melanie is a friend of the site and has an exclusive interview here with us as well.  We love Melanie Moon!

1st Place – Melanie Moon

2nd Place – Magdalena

3rd Place – Betty G.



Miss November 2011 – Magdalena

Magdalena GGG

Magdalena - Miss Pornstarchive November 2011

The insatiable sexy Magdalena wins 1st place and is Ms. Pornstarchive November 2011.   Magdalena is star of over 40 GGG films and is one of the favorite starlets of all time for fans on and off this site.

1st Place – Magdalena

2nd Place – Betty G.

3rd Place – Vendula



Miss December 2011 – Cissie

Cissie GGG 234

Cissie - Miss Pornstarchive December 2011

Cissie with her incredible natural body and incredible sex drive, takes 1st place and is Ms. Pornstarchive December 2011.  Cissie is another GGG superstar favorite…her sexual allure and fucking talents are unparalleled!

1st Place – Cissie

2nd Place (tie) – Magdalena / Sabine

3rd Place – Kathy



And the all time 2011 votes go to:

Bronze 40 Votes

Cissie, Kathy, Vendula

Cissie GGGKathy GGGVendula GGG

A 3-way tie for 3rd!  Three of the prettier girls to grace the screens of GGG movies.

Silver – 42 Votes

Betty G.

Betty GGG

The ORIGINAL GGG superstar! Betty G is the girl next door with a HUGE sex drive.

And the 2011 winner..

Gold – 51 Votes

MagdalenaMiss Pornstarchive 2011!

rMagdalena GGG 54

Magdalena takes the crown as Ms. Pornstarchive 2011.  Coincidentally she is the original icon of the site, so it is no surprise she has the most fan votes.  She is a dynamic performer; beautiful face, lovely body, wide-mouth acceptance of whatever is given to her and a voracious appetite for sex.  Magdalena seemed to truly enjoy her work and it shows in her performances on the multitude of John Thompson films she has appeared in.

Magdalena 5Magdalena GGG 4

Magdalena Pornstarchive 2011

Magdalena - Miss Pornstarchive 2011



Thank you for everyone that visited and took time out to rate your favorite GGG girl.  Don’t forget to cast your votes in 2012!


Pornstarchive Admin



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