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A Pornstarchive Exclusive Interview with

Ginger Lang

March 2012

Pornstarchive was given a wonderful opportunity to get an interview from the lovely Ginger Lang.  Ginger has shot only a few GGG movies but left a strong mark as a top performer, with fans craving more!  

Ginger Lang

Pornstarchive: Ginger, you are born in Tel Aviv. Are you German or Israeli? Why did you choose Germany? Where do you live now?

Ginger: Tel Aviv is my home, the place where my heart was, is, and will always be. I am a Jewish girl who also holds a German passport. I don’t like the word “Israeli”. Like many Jewish families, mine, too, has roots in Berlin, where I currently live. It’s not really a choice, it simply “happened”.

Pornstarchive: What were you doing before becoming a pornstar?

Ginger: I gave birth to two beautiful sons. Before that I attended school.

Pornstarchive: When and why did you decide to become a pornstar?

Ginger: I met a guy who was “deep in the business”, an actor, at the time being, more than ten years. He knew the job, producers, contacts… I asked questions, and got answers. From earliest years on, I am into acting. Porn, moreover, is a lot about exposure – I love this type of exposure, provided there is a CAM. So I gave it a shot, that simple. I was 21 years old.

Pornstarchive: Watching your film gets the impression that you like your work. It ‘really? Ever see your film? What is or what are your best movies, in your opinion?

Ginger: Of course I love my work. I wouldn’t do a single thing, if I didn’t like what I am doing. Whatever people do, they should be really into it. Everything else means “wasted talent”.
No, I never watched a movie where I am acting, except for those we produced ourselves, and even here it was just scenes, extracts. I rely on my fans’ opinion… So, having said that, I can’t determine what my best movie(s) are, really not. I liked “Anita” (Subway Innovative Productions), cos there were great actors playing, and we shot many scenes with talks, funny ones. Look, I shot some 250 plus movies, it’s virtually impossible to keep track then.

Pornstarchive: You’ve shot some films in 2004 with Simon Thaur, we see that you really do it all: anal, fisting, piss drinking. Do you enjoy rough sex? Like you’re treated to bitch?

Ginger: First of all, “bitch” is really a nasty word, one that, moreover, reduces women to something “undefined”. Is a girl who’s into sex (which men like most!!) a bitch? I don’t think so. “Doing it all” – I did my job. I am not the kind of girl who’s complaining on the set, like “too dry”, “too wet”, “too tight”, “too wide”, bla bla bla… Any girl who decides to work on a porn set should be clear on what she’s doing, on expectations, as in any other job, career. Anal, fisting, peeing are “techniques”, the reason why people buy porn. Hence: if you wanna sell it, you first have to provide. Giving birth, for instance, is real pain. Sex isn’t, at no point. And, yes, rough sex is action, and action is good. Again, the word “bitch” is really not appropriate in that context.

Pornstarchive: After Simon Thaur, in 2005 did you become a GGG girl. Why did you choose GGG?

Ginger: “After” isn’t true. I kept on working with Thaur after GGG, too. We were friends, and we still are. He’s probably one of the best producers any, always taking care of his actresses, providing protection and clean environments (even if the movies don’t look like that). We certainly had arguments, very loud ones, and you may believe me that I never banked out, or so, I clearly got him my opinion on this or that. Should be possible among friends, and it never was a problem.
I didn’t choose GGG. There was a request by JT, and an actor created the contact. At the time being, JT was about to replace his “front girl”, looking for a professional actress who doesn’t know taboos. We agreed conditions, and I started thru.
The movie I shot with Annette was his “test”. I remember how he approached the bench we were sitting on, and JT said “You shoot with Ginger, Baby. Change your fucking clothing, you look terrible.” He clearly tried to play us against each other. It didn’t work, and the result was a movie that even today everybody remembers.

Pornstarchive: There are 5 movies that have shot with John Thompson, all in 2005. What do you remember about that experience and environment? How many scenes would they shoot in one day? Since then no longer felt like you do other GGG films?

Ginger: I shot many more with JT, all labels, GGG, 666, and SexBox. He obviously didn’t publish all, and there’s reasons for that. The guy who manages me didn’t let him go away with some very questionable “business practice”.
Experience and environment: One thing is for sure, JT is probably the most professional producer on German soil. Be that preparation, make-up, cam guys, technical equipment or all the helpers who take care of the production process. No question. When I worked with JT, his studio was located in Munich, Leopoldstrasse. The most important thing is the professional male actors, between five and ten, depending on the number of girls who were supposed to shoot. These actors really know their job, they don’t need viagra, and the good thing is that it wouldn’t work anyways. Shootings start round 13:00, going thru Midnight. The guys have to perform all time thru, contrary to the girls. One girl shot between one and three scenes – I always shot three scenes. So, again, depending on the number of girls, there were between 25 and 50 scenes. In Munich, he had three sets available, where his cam guys could shoot simultaneously. Very professional. As soon as a scene was done, the cam guy had to show up in JT’s office, where JT would immediately check the footage and, if necessary, crack down on the guy and telling him what else he wants to see.

Pornstarchive: For us fans your 5 films are very explosive and in your profile on Pornstarchive, we have marked Mädchen-Bewässerung in red to emphasize that your performance is a true masterpieces. Why have you not continued working with GGG?

Ginger: Thanks for the flowers @ masterpiece! I think that’s what good porn should stand for: explosiveness. I mean sex should be everything but boring, right?
I canceled work with GGG, cos JT broke agreements, in many aspects. Starting with working conditions, down to payment. In the beginning, when he realized that he hired a good actress, he tends to play “Good Daddy”, but that change pretty quickly. Fortunately, I NEVER approached a porn set without the guy who manages me, porn actor himself, always on the set where I shoot, no matter whether or not he has a part. So, in “my case”, JT hadn’t had a chance to make trouble, cos it’s impossible to pass that guy. He’s longer in porn than JT himself. Such things create respect.

Pornstarchive: In your GGG films you have worked with Annette Schwarz and Sandra Blow. Are you still friends? It was they who convinced you to become a GGG girl?

Ginger: Annette and I were never friends but colleagues. We respect(ed) each other for the work we were able to come up with. She, too, performs very well. Sandra is a different thing, we were much closer, and we also met afterward pretty often. I got her some jobs on other sets, and so she did for me.
Nobody ever convinced me of a certain job. As I said before, my work for GGG was the result of a direct request.

Pornstarchive: Do you prefer sperm or piss?

Ginger: In a movie? I don’t care, I shoot what the director wants to see. If he wants both (the normal case), I DO both. There’s no preference.

Pornstarchive: In your movies, that we had the good fortune and pleasure to see, often have done anal. Is a request of the director or really like it?

Ginger: Anal… First of all, EVERY scene you see in a porn movie is requested by the director. There’s no storyboards in porn, but the whole process is basically what you know from “normal movies”. There’s a script, an idea, and the director will instruct all actors on what he needs on tape. Then you shoot until he has what he wants.
That is one thing. The other thing: Except for the women who really get their G-point kicked during anal intercourse, it’ll always be kind of compromise for girls to practice anal. In my experience, most girls aren’t kicked by the fuck but by their own fantasy.

Porntarchive: In front of the cameras, what is the sexual practice that you enjoy doing most? Would you call yourself bisexual? Who was your favorite GGG girl on the set?

Ginger: As I said already, the sexual practice a girl performs in front of a Cam is what the director tells her to do. When I shoot, I am concentrated, there’s many “lill secrets” a good actress knows and takes care of. When a porn movie is cut and produced, it has to “roll”, you know? It should be “one piece”. To make that possible, there’s many rules you have to know and adhere to. Hence the stuff I like most is less a question of the practice. I’d say that any scene in which I can be ACTIVE is what I like most; it’s like “steering the process”.
I am definitely not bisexual. There never was, and there isn’t, any preferred girl on any porn set. I appreciate girls who, like I, really want to work and give their best to make scenes a good one. I do NOT like girls who complain once a minute, being more concerned about how their hair is looking than how they move and act in front of the cam.

Pornstarchive: Is there a porn star who inspired you or that you have asked for advice?

Ginger: No. Before I shot my very first movie (which was a four hours GangBang) I didn’t even know other actresses. I didn’t ask any girl, there was no need to. IF I had a question, I asked the guy who takes care of my management. I guess there’s no detail in this business that he isn’t familiar with.

Pornstarchive: It never happened that a girl has come to ask you advice on how to become a porn star? Or asked you any advice to improve their performance?

Ginger: That indeed happened. Both. There were girls who were interested in how to get into porn, and there were actresses who asked for advice. And, here, too, there’s a flip side to the coin. A lot of girls (when being told to do this and this and this) said: “Are you nuts?? I am not Ginger!” Not kidding. I always tried to see the positive aspect: You’re working hard, Ginger, and that can’t be wrong.

Pornstarchive: Some GGG girls, like Annette Schwarz and Sarah Rose, went to America. Haven’t you been too tempted by the “American dream”?

Ginger: Every German actress who gets an offer from America will accept. Certain types of scenes are paid tenfold in the States. It’s mostly guys like Peter North, or Mark Davis (“Sex And Submission”), hence not the “big players”, still big enough to impress European actresses with their money offers. However, for a girl who never shot in the States, it’s an experience, one she shouldn’t miss.
As for me: I CAME from America when I shot my first German movie. We have good friends over there, like Chuck Zane, Tod Blatt, Max Hardcore, and so on. In the States, I shot so called “MODs”, Movies on Demand, where a bunch of rich guys pools money, passes a script, getting something like a “personal movie”, hence not being published. Pays very well, btw.

Pornstarchive: According to some witnesses, we have collected, sometimes the girls go away from GGG slamming the door, which creates resentment. The girls do not always have a good relationship with John Thompson. What’s your opinion?

Ginger: That is a difficult question. First of all: I witnessed that, too. Secondly, this question is difficult cos one has to be careful with words. JT is said to be a former Middle East interrogator, a dwarf who screams the whole day and tries to impress people. With most persons, in particular girls, that works. In Munich, the WHOLE terrain was monitored by cams, every angle, no exception. He loves “total control”.
Moreover, I think that virtually NO actress has a “good relationship” to JT. They work for money, and they take what they have to take cos they need the money. If JT isn’t satisfied with what he gets (and there’s MANY ways of not being satisfied), he simply wouldn’t pay, or pay less.
As an example: I remember a Czech girl who told me that she had been raped by cam guys. They simply locked the door and pushed thru. I didn’t see it, but I remember her telling me in tears. If that is true, which I assume, it was even taped by one of the surveillance cams… This girl was not the only one telling such things. I myself was in situations where I could get out ONLY cos everybody knew that I am not alone on this set.

Pornstarchive: Among the fans, Betty is a myth (legend). Did anybody talk about her during your time there? Do you know Betty? Have you talked to her? Why, in your opinion, did she leave?

Ginger: I know Betty, yes, but not from my GGG times. Some male actors (who worked for GGG in years) talked about her, yes. Not often, but I talked to Betty, true, too. I don’t wanna give an opinion on another actress’ behalf. Guessing and assuming why a girl left a set is not a good idea.

Pornstarchive: The great stars such as Cissie, Magdalena, Celine, Amili, Gina, Sabine (Antje), Melli, for example, have seemed to literally disappear. Do you know what they do now? Do you know how we can know something about them?

Ginger: Most of the cited girls I know from set, working with them. I have absolutely no idea what they do NOW. It happens very often that girls meet a guy who cannot handle the business, or that they feel bad about what they have done, and so on. Then they quit and “disappear”. Here, too, I don’t want to assume. Regarding one or the other I am “up to date”. However, I will, under no circumstances, give hints on how to learn more, cos I think that each of them deserves her own privacy.

Pornstarchive: Were there flutters on the GGG set to keep the men hard? Were they the same girls that appeared in front of the cameras or a different team of girls?

Ginger: Yes, there were. Some three, four girls. Their job was NOT to keep the pros hard, but the “visitors”. As I mentioned already, the “fuck guys” at GGG were true professionals. A male actor who masters the GGG set IS a professional. So, the girls’ job was to “warm up” the visitors (“rabbits” as we called them) prior to a scene finish where visitors were wanted, like cum shots, peeing, etc.
There’s a funny thing I remember. The other day, one of these girls was approaching the pros (who always sit in a reserved area when they don’t shoot), asking “Hey, can I PLEASE warm you up? I am sick and tired of the monkeys, and I don’t want JT to think that I refuse to work…”
And, no, not the girls who appeared in front of the cam. It was a different “team”, most of them in charge for make-up and set design.

Pornstarchive: For 10 years, Kathy worked with GGG as a porn star, studio assistant, camerawoman. She was always present. What do you think of her?

Ginger: That’s easily answered: She is a pro. She’s a calm, polite, relaxed woman who knows the business from head to toe. She helped many actresses, and she really cares. I will never understand how a nice person like her made it that long with a “fighting dwarf” like JT.

Pornstarchive: How do you see your future? There are regrets in your career?

Ginger: I was just checking my passport – yes, it’s me, Ginger. Laughs. Regrets?? Not a single one! I was never forced to do what I did, and I was always protected. My decisions, only. No exception. No, there’s really nothing to regret. And as I can see after quite a while of “no more official movies”, fans didn’t forget me. That is what I am proud on. I hate average, and whatever I did I tried to accomplish as best as I could.
Future is a tricky word. I love my family, and I thank the Almighty for every morning that I am allowed to open my eyes. I hope my future will be like my past: Designed by my own action.

Pornstarchive: We know you have written a book and you’re waiting to find a publisher. Do you think continue to be a writer? What topics you want to tell?

Ginger: Yes, I will continue. I love it. I was traveling the world, shooting on three continents, meeting a LOT of people. There’s many memories, many scenes, destinies, etc. That’s the stories I want to tell. The finished book is about drugs. I reject drugs, ANY type of drugs. I saw what it does with people, some of them very close to me. So, in a way, I am telling THEIR story.
And from that point of view, stories are inexhaustible, there’s so many things that’s worth to write about. My current work (some 200 pages are done already), for instance, is about jail.

Pornstarchive: The your last movie that we saw was shot in 2009 with Magma. Are you still in business?

Ginger: The movie you’re referring to was shot earlier than 2009 – a so called “Trash Movie”, shot in the cellar right underneath the KitKat apartment where “Anita” was filmed, btw. The guy who produced it was Rainer Boscheck. He worked with us for quite a while, and we didn’t know that he sold it to Magma.
And, yes, I am still in business, but I am back to “MODs”, movies on demand. With the upraise of internet, the DVD market “broke”. It simply doesn’t pay anymore. Huge companies (like GGG, Magma, DBM, BB, Videorama, Inflagranti, and and and, all producers I was once working for) can’t really afford appropriate payment. I don’t shoot a scene for 150 or 200 bucks, that’s something I simply don’t do.
So I focus at this “private stuff”, where you get a script and clear requests for practices, number of actors, length, etc. We shoot the movies, produce it, and fine. The sad thing is that this certainly isn’t subject to official publication, but it pays.

Pornstarchive: You don’t have a website. If your fans want to collect your movies, where can find a list as complete as possible?

Ginger: Maintaining an own website is very demanding. I did that for a couple of years, and I can tell you it’s a lot of work. Basically, I did that for my fans. As long as there’s new, official movies, it makes sense. But there is nothing like that, and who wants a web site that is “standing still”? Nobody. Just for a bio, and some photos, and stuff? I don’t think that somebody wants that.
As for the official movies, and how to collect them: That is really not easy. Many, many movies are shot by independent producers, who resell their work to Orion, or DBM, or, or, or… Problem is: As an actress, you neither know WHOM they sell it to nor what the movie title will be. There’s exceptions of course, like the stuff I shot for Thaur, GGG, Inflagranti, Magma, and DBM, or things I did for some Dutch producers – to mention a few. However, that is the minor part. I myself have absolutely no idea where to look for this or the other movie, there’s no list or something like that. Total number is 256 in 7 years… THAT is what I know for sure.

Pornstarchive would like to thank the lovely Ginger Lang for being generous with her time, and special thanks to Ariell David for the exclusive pictures.

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