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Girls With No Name A51 – A75

Here are the girls we do not have information on. Any information pertaining to these GGG girls please let us know!

=swallowing cum; P=swallowing piss; anale=anal; color=remarkable performance, milestone.
Swallowing cum:
=no swallowing, disgusted;
=no swallowing, but…;
=no swallowing, abundant cum in mouth;
=partial swallowing and a good performance;
=Full swallowing and a great performance
Swallow piss:
P=no swallowing, disgusted;
PP=no swallowing, but..;
PPP=no swallowing, sufficient performance;
PPPP=little swallowing;
PPPPP=swallow large gulps and a great performance

Brunette, medium length hair, small tits, large mole under the left ear
, tattoos various


2004  Durchgefickt & Vollgewixt anale

Brunette, long hair, small tits, a dolphin tattoo in left breast

Comments: She also appears in Sperma Party 2 (Karo Films, 2003 or 2004) offering a good test, where also used the brush with the sperm for cleaning teeth.


2002 Schluck Meine Tochter, Schluck!!!
2002 Single Sucht Sperma!
2002 Zu Viel Sperma anale

Brunette, short hair, huge tits

Comments: In photo 3, the girl is behind A67.


2001 Betty Die Schluck-Weltmeisterin (FUCKED)
2001  Sperma: Find Ich Gut!
2001 Titten Auf Spermasuche

Brunette, long hair


2001 Bitte, Bitte, 30 Mal Vollspritzen
2001 Die Spermademütigung
2001 Zum Schlucken Verdammt!
2004* Die Sperma Arena
2006** Die Spermadisco
2007*** Vollgespritzt Werden Das Ist Unser Leben

* The film was shot in 2001. She is the cover girl on the DVD. 
** The film was shot in 2000-2001. The girl has brown hair with blonde extensions.
*** The film was shot in 2000-2001. Thanks to Sampaioed for signaling!

Brunette, long hair, small tits


1997 Die Spermabande

Brunette, short hair, chubby, tattoo on right shoulder


2003 Die Spermafalle
2003 Mädchen Suchen Sperma (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

Blonde, long hair, huge tits, chubby

Comments: In photo 2, the girl is with Betty and Hanna.


2000 Spermaqual Der Teenies
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut

Brunette, short hair, small tits


2000 Vollgespritzt & Vollgepisst ppppp

Blonde, long hair, lean, navel piercing

Comments: She has no confidence with the sperm. She only performes with one man in this film.


2001* Zum Schlucken Verdammt!

* The scene, probably, was shot in 1998-1999.

Brunette, short hair, mole under the left eye


2000* Sperma Marathon (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Bitte, Bitte, 30 Mal Vollspritzen
2001 Spermafluten (FUCKED)

* The film is also known under the title Sperm Overdose.

Brunette/red, short hair

Comments: The woman is visibly pregnant.


2001 Hilfe Ich Ertrinke Im Sperma (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Im Banne Des Sperma (PISS & FUCKED)

Brunette, huge tits, chubby, piercing tongue


2005* Dralle Weiber Durchgefickt & Vollgespritzt

* The film was shot on VHS in 2000. In 2005 it was re-released on DVD under the title Dralle Weiber in Sperma.

Brunette, not long hair, oriental origin


1997 Ausgeliefert ♥♥♥

Brunette, long hair

Comments: This girl, at first glance, seems to be comfortable in front of the camera. Protagonist of 3 scenes, she actually shows unease with the sperm. Her technique is to avoid too many cumshots and pick up a cock at the moment of ejaculation, hold it tight, moving it away from her mouth. Despite her great mastery, Betty (photo 3) is able to collect little cum in the mouth of this girl.


2000 Spermaqual Der Teenies ♥♥♥♥
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut (FUCKED & LESBO)

Brunette, long hair


2001 Süsse 18 und Alles Runtergeschluckt
2001 Ich Will Sperma (FUCKED)
2006* Darf Ich Dich Aussaugen ♥♥♥♥♥

* The film was shot in 2001. She is the DVD cover girl. 

Brunette, long hair


1997 Spritzt Mich Voll!! ♥♥♥

Brunette, short hair, chubby, a tiger tattooed on her left arm


2000 Betty Die Schluck-Weltmeisterin (FUCKED)
2001 Sperma: Find Ich Gut!
2001 Titten Auf Spermasuche
2005* Hallo! Gib Mir Dein Sperma
2006* Die Spermadisco

* The film was shot in 2000-2001. She is almost fisted in Titten Auf Spermasuche. 

Brunette, not long hair, chubby


2005* Lilli Schluckt Viel Sperma (FUCKED)

* The film was shot in 2001.

Brunette, long hair, winged figure on the right shoulder, pierced tongues and under the lower lip

Comments: In photo 1, the girl is on the right. Andra is at the center. Being a whore and a  pornstar is not the same thing. This girl moves well, knows how to dance, but you can see the discomfort of being in a situation that does not suit her.


2001 Die Spermafolter ♥♥♥
2002 Sperma Für Mich Da? ♥♥

Brunette, long hair

Comments: In photo 2, the girl is with Betty.


2000 Sperma Sadismus ♥♥♥♥♥
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut ♥♥♥♥♥

Brunette, not long hair, many moles on the body, piercing on left nostril


2002 Unser Hobby, Sperma Schlucken (LESBO)


Brunette, long hair, tattoo on the left shoulder


2001 Hilfe Sperma Von Allen Seiten (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Spritz Du Jetzt Ab (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

Brunette, ebony, not long hair

Comments: The girl is at the center, between A64 and Tima Michalova.


2006* Darf Ich Dich Aussaugen (APPEARANCE)

* The film was shot in 2001.


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9 Responses so far.

  1. Li says:

    JT once calls A66 Katrin in Die Sperma-Arena.

  2. sampaioed says:

    JT calls A62 Jimena at the beginning of her interview on Dralle Weiber Durchgefickt & Vollgespritzt.

  3. pimpinela says:

    A58 it’s the most underappreciated all GGG girl. Because his performance is a new level, something enormous, sublime, a nasty of a lot category. Its appearance can be, in my opinion, the best in the history of GGG. A huge shame, a great sadness not know anything more about it. Despite being in a single film, it deserves a place of honor next to Julie Skyhigh. I would like to have information about it. The great goddess of GGG.And Vollgespritzt & Vollgepisst (2000) is a great movie in GGG History. Regards.

  4. Stefan68 says:

    A67 is a very good slut. I love the scene in “Sperma find ich gut”, where she is getting fucked from behind while blowing a cock and then another whore will let her hand join the cock into A67 fuckhole, masturbating the cock directly in the cunt.

  5. Gotcha says:

    @pimpinela and all others

    I also found A58 extremely hot at the time. I was on some 666 shoots but unfortunately not at the time. Would have liked to piss in her mouth and jerked.

    In the film you can see their passion well. How she greedily lusts for the urine and the sperm with her tongue – just madness. And in the background someone still calls: “You sow (Du Sau)”. Wonderful and hot, hot, hot!!!
    But I would have rather called her “dirty pig”.

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