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Posted by Pornstarchive On November - 2 - 2015
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Nadja GGG Nadja-GGG-003 Nadja-GGG-004 Nadja-GGG-005

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: B

Info: Not much is known about Nadja outside of the GGG / John Thompson franchise of movies.

Comments: Nadja is a lovely brunette with a beautiful face, perky breasts and lovely body.  She made her debut in the hardcore sex scenes from the SexBox series and has appeared in a few of that series as well as two in the regular JT / GGG series.  Although she has only done a few films, she is a pleasure to watch!

GGG Films:

2005 SexBox 13 ♥♥♥ pppp anale
2006 Jung und Naiv ♥♥
2006 SexBox 21 ♥♥♥♥ pppp
2006 SexBox 22 ♥♥♥♥ pppp
2006 Sperma Einladung

Below is Nadja scene from Sperma Einladung

Nadja-GGG-006 Nadja-GGG-007 Nadja-GGG-008 Nadja-GGG-009 Nadja-GGG-010 Nadja-GGG-011 Nadja-GGG-012 Nadja-GGG-013Nadja-GGG-014 Nadja-GGG-015 Nadja-GGG-016 Nadja-GGG-017 Nadja-GGG-018 Nadja-GGG-019 Nadja-GGG-020Nadja-GGG-024Nadja-GGG-026Nadja-GGG-027Nadja-GGG-028Nadja-GGG-028Nadja-GGG-029

Second scene featuring Nadja from the same movie.

Nadja-GGG-030 Nadja-GGG-031 Nadja-GGG-032 Nadja-GGG-033Nadja-GGG-035 Nadja-GGG-036 Nadja-GGG-037 Nadja-GGG-038 Nadja-GGG-039 Nadja-GGG-040 Nadja-GGG-041 Nadja-GGG-042 Nadja-GGG-043Nadja-GGG-044 Nadja-GGG-045 Nadja-GGG-046 Nadja-GGG-047 Nadja-GGG-048 Nadja-GGG-049 Nadja-GGG-050 Nadja-GGG-051Nadja-GGG-052 Nadja-GGG-053 Nadja-GGG-054 Nadja-GGG-055 Nadja-GGG-056 Nadja-GGG-057 Nadja-GGG-058


Nadja as a GGG cover model.

Sperma Einladung Cover



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  1. CommanderMaxil says:

    Of all the many wonderful girls in the GGG films Nadja is my all-time favourite. There is something about the way she looks at the camera in the middle of her scenes that is just the best!

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