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Posted by Pornstarchive On December - 21 - 2017
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Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: B

Info: Not much is known about Elise outside of the GGG / John Thompson movies.

Comments: Elise is a tall, sexy woman with an assuming  “girl next door” type of look.  She seems to really enjoy her work in her scenes and expresses great sexuality yet has fun while performing.  Elise has done a handful of movies in the latter years of GGG a couple under the name Luisa.


2013 Der Sperma-Nachhilfekurs ♥♥♥♥♥
2013 Elise! Verruckt Nach Sex ♥♥♥♥♥
2013 Emma und Cony Im Sperma Labyrinth ♥♥♥♥♥
2013 Soo Viel Sperma Für Elise ♥♥♥♥
2014 Elise – Vollgepisst!
2014 Sylvie Das Sperma-Püppchen (as LUISA)
2014* Viktoria, Das Sperma Ist Da (as LUISA)

Pics of Elise below are from Das Erste Mal – Soo Viel Sperma Fur Elise

Elise GGG 002 Elise GGG 006 Elise GGG 007 Elise GGG 008 Elise GGG 009 Elise GGG 010 Elise GGG 011 Elise GGG 012 Elise GGG 013 Elise GGG 014 Elise GGG 015 Elise GGG 016 Elise GGG 017 Elise GGG 020 Elise GGG 021 Elise GGG 022 Elise GGG 023 Elise GGG 024 Elise GGG 025 Elise GGG 026 Elise GGG 027 Elise GGG 028 DP Elise GGG 029 Elise GGG 030 Elise GGG 031

Elise GGG 032 Elise GGG 033 Elise GGG 034 Elise GGG 035 Elise GGG 036

Elise with the lovely legendary Viktoria

Elise with Viktoria 1 Elise with Viktoria 2 Elise GGG 039 Elise GGG 040 Elise GGG 041 Elise with Viktoria 3 GGG

Elise getting gangbanged proper including Double Penetration!

Elise GGG 043 Elise GGG 044 Elise GGG 045 Elise GGG 046 Elise GGG 047 Elise GGG 048 Elise GGG 049 Elise GGG 050 Elise GGG 051 Elise GGG 052 Elise GGG 053 Elise GGG 054 Elise GGG 055 Elise GGG 056 Elise GGG double penetrated 057 Elise GGG 58 Elise GGG 059 Elise GGG 060 Elise GGG 061 Elise GGG 062 Elise GGG 063 Elise GGG 064 Elise GGG 065 Elise GGG 066 Elise GGG 067Elise GGG 66b

Elise as a GGG cover model.

Das Erste Mal - So Viel Sperma fur Elise




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GGG Models - Elise, 2.9 out of 10 based on 379 ratings

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Bunshichi says:

    she is quite great, love her playfulness and her “pure” look. Great double vag also.
    You can find a great scene of a small hotel gangbang in three parts on xhamster searching “privat gangbang elise”
    Also in one movie she finally did anal

    credited as Laura Palmer in these titles
    -Meres de famille perverties (colmax)
    -Incesto in infermeria (Salieri)
    -Mamme perverse
    -Black Game (Salieri)(IR)

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  2. adri2006 says:

    Her name is Victoria Wald.

    She is an artist…
    video 4/9

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