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On this page, we’ll publish your photos: portraits, cunts, tits, arses, cocks, sperm  or whatever you send us, to help create a lively and lovely community of GGG Film supporters
Look for your photos!

Maurilio Del Pisello – 1960 – Italy

Jacqueline A. – 1964 – from Warszawa, Poland

Marianna Betty, who signed even with Betty Gangbang (for her penchant for gangbangs and bukkake), is Neapolitan and lives in Milan. She shot some gangbangs with director Matt Hardcore, well known in Italy, but she dreams of shooting a movie with John Thompson. Thank you for sending us these beautiful pictures and thank you for existing!
Marianna Betty Lasti – 1970 – Milano – Italy

“I am one of the biggest fans of GGG – started back in the Betty G. bukkake days.”
Kelly Martin – 1956 – New York – U.S.A.

“Hi, How are you?
I love the natural way of GGG the pure pleausure and free feelings.”
J. R. – 1976 – Amsterdam – Holland

Corinne Lenzi – 1967 – Milano – Italy

Carole Guillemet – 1983 – from France

Bénédicte Heiss-Demaret – 1989 – Rouen – France

Jo Orton – 1990 – from Austria

Elisa B. – 1986 – Sirmione (Brescia) – Italy

Elody v. B. – 1987 – Zoetermeer – Holland

Jürgen T. – 1982 – Köln – Germany

Alejandro Sanchez – 1972 – Valladolid – Spain

Jenny Domina – 1963 – Firenze – Italy

Maria Antonietta – 1988 – Lugano – Switzerland

Eleonora – 1975 – Napoli – Italy

Luciana Carolina Da Oliveira – 1977 – Basel (Switzerland) / Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

Karl – 1958 – Rosenheim – Austria

Tina W. – 1957 – from U.S.A.

Aleks – 1971 – Saint Petersburg – Russia

Bill – 1975 – from UK

Stephan – 1987 – from Sweden


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26 Responses so far.

  1. Kelly Martin says:

    I am one of the biggest GGG Bukkake fans ever!

  2. MJBarton says:

    Greetings fans! Anybody out there got GGG Und Jetzt Dein Sperma on dvd that they want to sell and mail to Cleveland, Ohio USA? 🙂

  3. dorvu says:

    Great site! Get me up on the fan page, I love the GGG girls! Thanks.

  4. Jacco says:

    Love the pics you have posted of gorgeous Jacqueline!!!

  5. ozziecrogan says:

    I just love the GGG girls!

  6. nail2233 says:

    Hi all gals and guys ,anyone that can help me(GGG fan as well of course)I have an old VHS movie and tried to transfer it to DVD/hard drive some years ago ,but it failed ,crapy sound or no sound at all.So I’m looking for the movie again and its GGG with number 20041 ,anyone that know where to find it PLEASE ???

    Brgds Nail

  7. baro22 says:

    Hi Guys an Gals I lost the sound of a video due to transfering it from VHS PC its <GGG 20041 video spermaschrei der frauen its an old video but with gordgeus girls in it,any help to find it online and download it or buy it will be highly appriciated

  8. nail2233 says:

    the video I refering to above was SPERMASCHREI DER FRAUEN
    WITH NUMBER 20041

    • euroboy says:

      The GGG numbering is al over the place. Quite a few of the VHS were released as DVD later.

      We could do with a list of known movies and their current status – i.e. if they still exist and in what format/quality

  9. JohnnyGGG says:

    Hardly any GGG dvds now selling in England. Would love to buy more, does anyone of any for sale please?

  10. Shawn says:

    The only GGG film i am missing is: Spermasucht der titten.
    If anybody has that movie – i would love to pay to get it.

  11. GGG_Royal says:

    Hello guys, looking for Sperma Ohne Ende in good quality, happy to pay for it too, let me know if anyone got it, thanks

  12. MJBarton says:

    Anyone know her or the GGG this is from? Thanks! 🙂

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