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A Pornstarchive Exclusive Interview with


August 2012

Pornstarchive was given a wonderful opportunity to get an interview from the lovely Maria. This wonderful woman has shot 15 GGG movies becoming a top performer, with fans craving more!


Pornstarchive: First of all, thank you for having granted us this interview. May we know where you come from, when you were born? Where did you grow up?
Maria: I was born in a small town of eastern Germany in 1983 and also grew up in this part of Germany.

Pornstarchive: When and why did you decide to enter in the adult industry?
Maria: At the age of 20 when I was studying in Munich I read a small… in a local newspaper, in which JT was asking for female models to do erotic photo shoots. I wasn’t thinking about doing porn at that time, but I was interested in doing erotic photo shoots.

Pornstarchive: Did you start in the adult industry with GGG or did you do other films before? Did you work with any other production companies?
Maria: No, GGG was the first label I worked with. I also shot some scenes with other labels like Puaka or Magma, but only for a short time. JT didn’t like it seeing me shoot with other labels, because I had an exclusive contract with GGG. So I stopped it very soon.

Pornstarchive: Why did you choose GGG?
Maria: By accident – GGG was the first porn label I got to know, I never previously got in touch with really hardcore pornography.

Pornstarchive: How did it change your life? Have you had problems with your family? With the friends? With boyfriend?
Maria: Not many people know about this part of my life, because most of the people would not understand it. There were some people that were shocked about it, but also some people who did not judge me because of doing that-different people, different reactions.

Pornstarchive: How did your meeting with GGG? After the audition, when you were called? How long was it?
Maria: My meeting was interesting, JT took some pictures and we talked a lot. He told me that he wants to work with me on the same day.

Pornstarchive: What was your first film? What were your emotions?
Maria: My first film was Spritz mich voll, du Schwein. I was very excited, but when it started I just had a lot of fun.

Pornstarchive: It happens that recognize you in public like a porn star or ex-porn star?
Maria: Yes, but rarely.

Pornstarchive: Why did you decide to close with GGG? What did you do next? Have you shot porn movie with other companies?
Maria: As I told before, choosing GGG happened by accident. I also shot some scenes with Puaka and Magma.

Pornstarchive: When you close your porn career, have you continued to work in other roles in GGG?
Maria: No, I just worked as a porn actress in GGG.

Pornstarchive: Who is/was your favorite performer to work with?
Maria: I loved to work with Annette Schwarz.

Pornstarchive: Watching your film gets the impression that your work you genuinely enjoy it. Is this true or is it for show? Do you ever see your films? What is or what are your best films/scenes, in your opinion?
Maria: It’s not for show, I like hard sex and yes, I enjoy it. But I did not watch all the movies-watching yourself having sex is not as interesting as watching other people having sex. My best movie (in my opinion) is Die Sperma-Infusion 🙂

Pornstarchive: In front of the cameras, what is the sexual practice that you enjoy doing? What do you prefer off camera? Would you consider yourself bisexual?
Maria: There is hardly a difference between in front and off the camera. I like sperm, rough sex and making out with women – in private as well. And yes, I am bisexual 🙂

Pornstarchive: Who do you believe is the best girl on the set? There is a porn star that inspired you or vice versa, asked for your counsel?
Maria: Cissie and Annette were the best girls ever on set in my opinion and inspired me. Whether there are girls who have been inspired by me, I don’t know 🙂

Pornstarchive: In your films you’ve never done anal. Do not you like it? Did you not want to do it on camera?
Maria: In private I like it, but only within a relationship where there is a lot of trust and love. That’s why I didn’t want to do it in front of the camera.



Pornstarchive: What’s your opinion on German pornography? How has contributed GGG to its growth?
Maria: I think german porn is always more perverse and harder than porn in other countries. GGG is successful, because it is a perfect mixture between “amateur feeling” and hard sex practices.

Pornstarchive: What interests do you have in your spare time? What are you doing today?
Maria: I love to dance and sing in my spare time. Today I am working in an office.

Pornstarchive: Has it happened that a girl has come to ask you advice on how to become a porn star? or asked you any advice to improve their performance?
Maria: No, that thing never happened to me during that short time 🙂

Pornstarchive: Did you have close friendships with your colleagues? Today, have you kept any of those friendships?
Maria: No, I am not in touch with any of them anymore.

Pornstarchive: Were there fluffers on the GGG set to keep the men hard? We’re they the same girls that appeared in front of the cameras or a different team of girls?
Maria: Yes, sometimes there were fluffers, and it was a different team of girls. Mostly the girls also appeared in front of the camera.

Pornstarchive: Many fans complain about the quality of the films compared to those that came from the legendary Leopoldstrasse. What’s your opinion?
Maria: I like the “Leopoldstraße-Films”, because they are more authentic than the “Berlin” ones.

Maria GGGPornstarchive: According to some witnesses, we have collected, occasionally some girls go away from GGG slamming the door, which creates resentment, that girls do not have a good relationship with John Thompson. What’s your opinion?
Maria: I think every girl has its personal reasons leaving the business. It is difficult to determine the role JT plays in this context.

Pornstarchive: What is your opinion about John Thompson?
Maria: He was born for porn.

Pornstarchive: For 10 years, Kathy worked with GGG as a porn star, studio assistant, camerawoman. She was always present. What do you think of her?
Maria: I never got to know her very closely, but I found her likable.

Pornstarchive: Some other popular starlets that you may have worked with such as Cissie, Magdalena, Celine, Amili, Gina, Sabine (Antje), Melli, Lynn for example seem to literally disappear. You know what they do now for those who work, if they withdrew or changed their nickname, and what do you think of them personally and professionally?
Maria: No, I don’t know anything about that. I just got to know Cissie, she was a very nice and professional girl.

Pornstarchive: You have done a number of films but starlets like for example Vendula, Cyndi, Vivian, Leila, Lucy, Paris Milton, seem truly talented and know how to stand in front of the camera, yet after shooting a few films go missing. In most cases was it a personal choice or were they not recalled by the director?
Maria: I don’t know these girls, I left GGG in 2004. So I can’t say anything about that.

Pornstarchive: How do you see your future? Both professionally and personally.
Maria: My future will be very down to earth- maybe I’m going to marry and have some kids 🙂

Pornstarchive: How do you see the future of GGG?
Maria: GGG will stay successful, but it also needs some new girls who are more professional and more reliable.

Pornstarchive: Try yearning for that fantastic year? If today JT recalled you, what would you answer?
Maria: Being a porn actress is part of my past. If JT recalled me, I would say “No, thanks” 🙂

Pornstarchive heartily thanks Maria for her exquisite kindness and above all, with her witness, to improve significantly this fan site. Thanks, Maria!

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    • Lowenbrau says:

      Thanks to the gorgeous Maria for this interview – her sexy performances in GGG have made me VERY happy over the years. 🙂
      I wish her good luck & happiness in whatever she is doing these days.

  1. hex says:

    If she really wants to marry. She should just call me 😉

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