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Posted by Pornstarchive On January - 10 - 2016
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Zara GGG Zara GGG 2 Zara GGG 1 Zara GGG with John Thompson

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: B

Info: Not much is known about Zara outside of the GGG / John Thompson franchise of movies. It is speculated that she was (or is) a fashion or runway model.

Comments: Zara is a gorgeous ebony beauty with long legs and a thin body that it is assumed (in particular by the names of the GGG titles she appears in) she was a traditional fashion model previously.  She has a lovely smile, and has a friendly attitude.  Seems Zara has only done two GGG movies thus far. We hope to see more of this beautiful woman!


2014 Zara Auf Dem Sperma Catwalk
2014 Zara Das Sperma Model

Below is Zara in a scene from Zara Das Sperma-Model

Zara-GGG-38 Zara-GGG-3 Zara-GGG-4 Zara-GGG-5 Zara-GGG-6 Zara-GGG-7 Zara-GGG-8 Zara-GGG-9 Zara-GGG-10 Zara-GGG-11 Zara-GGG-12 Zara-GGG-13 Zara-GGG-14 Zara-GGG-15 Zara-GGG-16 Zara-GGG-17 Zara-GGG-18 Zara-GGG-19 Zara-GGG-20 Zara-GGG-21 Zara-GGG-22 Zara-GGG-23 Zara-GGG-24 Zara-GGG-25 Zara-GGG-26 Zara-GGG-27 Zara-GGG-28 Zara-GGG-29 Zara-GGG-30 Zara-GGG-32 Zara-GGG-33 Zara-GGG-34 Zara-GGG-35

Below Zara takes part in the honoring of a GGG stud Long John.

Zara-GGG-39 Zara-GGG-40

Second scene featuring Zara from the same movie.  Here is she is paired with another tall thin model Manu.

Zara-GGG-45 Zara-GGG-46 Zara-GGG-47 Zara-GGG-48 Zara-GGG-50 Zara-GGG-51 Zara-GGG-52 Zara-GGG-53 Zara-GGG-54 Zara-GGG-55 Zara-GGG-56


Zara as a GGG cover model. She is the cover girl to every GGG movie she has appeared in.

Zara das Sperma-Model



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