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Venus Berlin 2012

Best German Actress

Melanie Moon

We at Pornstarchive are particularly happy for the Best Actress award given to Melanie Moon, a stunning woman and a gorgeous pornstar that, after long experience with GGG, has been able to innovate and find her own line.
This award honors a woman certainly deserving of it, but in our opinion, comes late. Better late than never, some might think. We are convinced that, unlike other most acclaimed pornstars, Melanie has done, does and will do things that others have not done, do not and will not do ever!
The prize was awarded for the film (which unfortunately we have not seen) Cum on Girls 7, produced by MMV.
In addition to being a great pornstar, Melanie is a lovely lady who is always available and we thank from the bottom of our hearts for her having responded to some questions.

Here’s what she told us:

Pornstarchive: A Venus Berlin 2012 you won the prize for Best Actress Germany. Did you expect the prize?
Melanie Moon: Yes and no. I believed it when I hold it in my hand.

Pornstarchive: In our opinion, the award you deserved it for a long time: for your skill, your passion and your professionalism. With what emotion you have received the prize?
Melanie Moon: You could be right, but of course also for my big film with MMV this year.  I had or still have big emotions.

Pornstarchive: Were you already been to Venus in the past editions? How was the environment this year?
Melanie Moon: Yes I did, this year was not too big but a very nice atmosphere and cute fans.

Pornstarchive: Following a profile on FB, we have seen that you have done and are doing a lot of gangbangs around Germany. This is your new commitment? Have you reduced the time for movies?
Melanie Moon: I am doing more movies in the moment I ever did in my life. O.k. of course you mean the professional like GGG, MMV, Magma and so one. The reduce for this kind of movies is as you surely know a automatically process as worldwide the pornindustry is having a disaster, maybe with only a few exceptions. The internet was not a good invention for the big ones from the pornindustry. The commitment gangbang is one of my commitments. Nobody in these days can just live from doing professional pornmovies. If you talk about reducing, I only reduced my private dates. There is no more Melissa, just Melanie Moon who does some private dates or escort for her fans. So doing this, some professional movies, my amateur movies, shows and gangbangs my appointment calender is rather full, mostly for the next 3 month. Funny on gangbangs is meeting mostly girls who were GGG-girls or girls who going to be GGG-girls.

Pornstarchive: Your Site is full of video. How come? Screenplay and direction are yours?
Melanie Moon: Yes, I run into 100 videos on my site. Screenplay and direction are self-made and more have a amateur status, what is purpose and also finds a new clientele.

Pornstarchive: The photo with all the winners of Venus is, in our opinion, emblematic. You are on the far right, on the extreme left there is John Thompson. Relations are still tense? There has not been a meeting point? Have you spoken? At least the exchange of congratulations for your respective prizes…
Melanie Moon: Haha, I explained that already on my facebooksite. It really looks funny. But It happened cause the most people came to the stage from their seats and mine was on the far right and John Thompson on the left. No, relations are no more tense. A meeting point was always there because his stand was directly in the opposite of my stand at the Venus. So yes we talked. I think we both forgot the congratulations, but maybe cause it was a little strange for everybody. We will see what happens in future 😉

Pornstarchive: You have recently seen the new GGG productions. What do you think?
Melanie Moon: Shame on me. I saw 3 or 4 productions after my last shooting for GGG in October 2008 but these were still made in Munich 2009 and 2010. From Berlin I did not even seen one. But I have to do in the in the future also cause having some girlfriends like Mia and Susi doing films for GGG in Berlin.

Pornstarchive: What are your future plans?
Melanie Moon: Doing erotic in many kind and form.

Great Melanie, keep it up!

Melanie was the first big star GGG to give an Interview with us in 2010.
And here you can find her Profile.

Here are some pictures of Melanie Moon to the kermesse of Venus 2012:

…and finally a curiosity: Melanie to Venus in 2005, when she had just begun her adventure in GGG. Do you see some difference with Melanie 2012? We frankly no, a girl gorgeous as ever!

Congratulations to you Melanie and we wish you continued success.  We love Melanie Moon!

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  1. abaas says:

    congrats! those tits are so awesome

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