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Erkan & Stephan – Translation of Interview with John Thompson and Kathy

John Thompson and the GGG set has even appeared in mainstream television in Europe.  A popular comedy duo Erkan & Stephan (actually comedians John Friedman and Florian Simbeck) had a chance to visit the GGG studios and interview John Thompson and the beautiful Kathy.  Below the movie is an English transcript of this clip, translated by a friend of, Perlentaucher.

Erkan and Stephan comes in: Hello

JT: Hello, what can I do for you?

E/S: We heard that you do sexual movies?

JT: we produce pornos

E/S: Haha

JT: Did you see a porno? Ah never.

JT took the hand of Stefan: Oh I see you watch every day a porno .

E : Can you see it in his hand?

S: We would like to know how the business works.

JT: Ok, come with me.

JT: First tell us your name

Kathy: I am Kathy

JT: You will do a porno movie with GGG

Kathy: Yes

JT: Please show us your tits

E/S: hahaha

JT to Kathy: You hear the laughing of E/S. Are you feel disturbed by E/S watching you

K: no it makes me horny

JT: Which one of both is more horny for you, Erkan or Stefan?

S: Stefan, Stefan….

K: Hmmh Ok Stefan

JT: Stefan

JT: But you also would take both of them?

K: Yes I would take both of them. Both together!!

JT: Yes and I will take you Kathy

K: Cool

K E/S in a room: Laughing.

S: Erkan first you

E/S: Hey

S: you are a porno actress??

K: Yes that is correct

S: I have some questions for you.

K: Okay

E: When you do a porno……S: What is your favorite color?

K: Is laughing

S: You have beautiful eyes.

K: Thank you

S: do you have a boyfriend?

K: No

E/S laughing. Cool.

E: When is a man very good?

K: When he doesn’t comes very quick and when he fucks me very good.

E/S: Hahaha

S: You are completely sexual,

All laughing.

E: What kind of relationship do you have to such men?

K: Yes, I say hello and we start quickly.

S: Are you fucking back.

K Oh yes.

S: Could you tell me the situation when do you have a craftsman at home? The classical situation: He rings at the door: Hello , I am the plumber and I have to lay a tube. And the he will come in your flat and it rings again and more men come in…

K: I seldom have craftsman at home.

E: I will go to JT and I will put in a good word for you-OK?


E looks into the camera and whispers: Let the camera on!!!

S: Hey Erkan, don t go (he is shy)

K: hihih

K: Do you have any further questions?

S: I have no questions. Do you have an autograph for me?

K: Yes, sure you will get it.

S: (Is happy, K and S shakes hands)

Neni Gotzman

S: Close to me you see the sexy Neni Gotzmann. She is the owner of GGG Studio.

Neni: Yes its true

S asks: whats that ? (S shows hairclip)

N: You can fix your with that

Telephone is ringing

N.: Hello this is GGG Film

N: Yes you can come to the set. Please shave your cock and your sack.

S : That was a candidate (male) for your movies!

N: Yes that’s true

S: Why do they have to shave their cocks/Sack

N.; Because the ladies just want to swallow cum and not the hair.

S: Aahh yes ok

Both laughing

S Neni thanks for answering my questions. I have to go. I have to looking for Erkan. He runs around.

N: Maybe he is at the toilette hahaha

E/S together with JT:

E: Sorry I have looked to the tv set (you can see a porn clip)

JT: Its Ok

E: You did make crass video tapes with the title…

JT: Spermakönigin, Ich liebe Sperma, Sperma sucht single…

E: The three titles have the word Sperma (Cum). Is it by accident or is it your intention.

JT: of course, that’s my intention.

S: How is it possible to study making porno movies. There is no official brochure of an employment center about making pornos.

S/E : Thanks a lot for the interview

JT: Thank you!

S: Merci

E: Please give Heiko (Stefan) a movie from you

The End





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GD Star Rating
Erkan & Stephan - Translation of Interview With JT and Kathy, 1.3 out of 10 based on 308 ratings

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  1. myrddin says:

    I can’t seem to find that video. Any link?

  2. Ingo says:

    Ahh.. Neni Neni Neni, mein Lieber Neni-nana-nene die Brasilianer geboren kleines maedchen, kleines kinder..
    Ich vermisse dich so sehr meine Liebe…

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