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Girls With No Name A1 – A25

Here are the girls we do not have information on.  Any information pertaining to these GGG girls please let us know!

=swallow cum; P=swallow piss; anale=anal; color=remarkable performance, milestone.
Swallow cum:
=no swallow, disgusting;
=no swallow, but…;
=no swallow, abundant cum in mouth;
=parzial swallow and good performance;
=Full swallow and great performance
Swallow piss:
P=no swallow, disgusting;
PP=no swallow, but..;
PPP=no swallow, suffciente performance;
PPPP=little swallow;
PPPPP=swallow large gulps and great performance

A1 (Katharina?)
Blonde, shoulder length hair, mole and piercing on nose


2004 Das Sperma-Doppel
2004 Komm und spritz doch
2004 Spritz Mich Voll, Du Schwein (LESBO)

Blonde, short hair, huge tits, plump


2003 Der Sperma Schleuder (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

Brunette, short hair, pussy ring


2007 SexBox 28 pppp

A4 (Anastasia?)
Brunette, long hair, plump

Comments: The girl is willing and tries to swallow sperm but we see that it distresses her. The friend and fan Pablo wrote to us siting Anastasia as the name of this girl, but without indicating the source.


2005 Sperma Schmeckt Immer

A5 (Carole?)
Blonde, short hair, older, huge tits, piercing nose

Comments: In photo 1, the girl is with A44 (right).


2003 Sperma Neugier

Brunette, short hair

Comments: This woman only appears on camera for a few seconds and is possibly a fluffer.


2001 Los! Schluck Runter

Brunette, short hair, round nose, mole on right nipple

Comments: A unique looking woman who loves to drink cum. To confirm this, she turned in, with Lisanne, a scene in 100 Prozent Spermatrinken Ausgesaugt (2009) where she drank a lot of sperm. In our view, it is plausible that this film has been shot years ago.


2002 Ich Tanze Für Sperma
2002 Schlucken Macht Spass
2002 Unser Hobby, Sperma Schlucken

Blonde, long hair, small tits, pussy ring

Comments: The girl is with Cissie (in green dress).


2004 Cissie, Jung und Durstig

Brunette, very short hair, small tits


2003  Spermacolada

Brunette, long hair, big nose, pierced tongue, two dolphins tattooed on her shoulder and navel

Comments: In our humble opinion, this girl would do well to change jobs, pornstar is not for her. The brief appearances in the films are examples.


2003 Hallo Ich Soll Hier Schlucken (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2003 Reingepisst und Runtergeschluckt
2003 Schwester! Ich Muss Abspritzen!!
2003 Sperma Dschungel (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

A11 (Suzanna?)
Brunette, short hair, small tits


2001 Hilfe Sperma Von Allen Seiten
2001 Spritz Du Jetzt Ab
2001 Zu Jung Zum Schlucken
2002 Hippieh, Yeah! Her Mit Dem Sperma! (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

Brunette, short hair

Comments: She seems to have a bad relationship with sperm.


1997 Teenies Jung und Willig

Blonde, older, short hair, small tits


2002 Blond und Vollgespritzt
2002 Lesbisch und Spermageil

Brunette, short hair, small tits


2002  Der Sperma-Salon

Brunette, long hair, plump


2001 Betty Extrem!
2005* Lilli Schluckt Viel Sperma
2008** Frauen Im Sperma und Fickrausch

* The film was shot in 2001.
** The film was shot in 2000.

A16 (Audrey?)
Black girl, short hair colored red,
tattoo on right breast

Comments: In some films, she has very short hair suggesting she may wear a wig in other films. In the photo 3 the girl is with Betty G.


2000 Betty Die Sperma-Göre
2000 Die Spermaholle ♥♥♥♥♥
2000 Sperma Sadismus ♥♥♥
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Betty Im Spermaglück ♥♥♥♥♥
2001 Die Tittenkönigin (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Kann Man Sperma Schlucken ♥♥♥

A17 (Barbara?)
runette, shor hair, plump

Comments: No cumshot reaches her mouth.


2004 Heute Schon Geschluckt (FUCKED & BLOWJOB)

A18 (Evi?)
Blonde, short hair, dimple in her chin


2005 Vollgesaftet

A19 (Inday ?)
Blonde, long hair, huge tits


2002 Betty! Alles Für Mich!!! pp
2002 Hippieh, Yeah! Her Mit Dem Sperma pp
2002 Teenies Schlucken Sperma (APPEARANCE)
2002 Titten Lieben Pisse und Sperma pp

Blonde, long hair, angular facial features

Comments: So far it seems that this woman has filmed one scene, repeated in 3 movies.


2001 Die Mit Dem Sperma Tanzt
2002* Teenie Im Spermagewitter
2002* …Und Jetzt Dein Sperma
2006** Die Spermadisco

* The scene is the same, shorter, contained in the film Die Mit Dem Sperma Tanzt.
** The scene comes always from the same film, but here there is a variant in which the girl receives many cumshots, swallowing.

Blonde, mature, long hair

Comments: In photo 1, the girl is with Martina and the ebony A16 (Audrey). In photo 2, the girl is with Betty and A22.


2000* Bourgeoises Accross Au Sperme
2000 Sperma Sadismus
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut

* Of this film know only the French version. A female voice, among other things, covers the voice of JT.

Brunette, short hair, small tits


Comments: In photo 1, the girl is with A21. Very enthusiastic and pretty. Should have been a superstar. Cover girl of Sperma Sadismus DVD.


2000 Sperma Sadismus
2000 Unschuldig Erniedrigt & Vollgesaut

Brunette, long hair and curls


2002 1. 2. 3. Abspritzen
2002 Nicht Ohne Dein Sperma (FUCKED)
2002 Sperma Wonach Schmeckt Das
2002 Teenie Im Spermagewitter (FUCKED)

A24 (Hanni?)
Brunette, long hair, older, huge tits


2002 Hippieh, Yeah! Her Mit Dem Sperma!
2002 Single Sucht Sperma!
2002 Zu Viel Sperma

Blonde, short harder, older, small tits


2002 Single Sucht Sperma! (LESBO)
2002 Sperma Für Mich Da?
2002 Sperma Wonach Schmeckt Das


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15 Responses so far.

  1. gggmilan says:

    A24 is horny

  2. non-non says:

    A19 könnte Inday heißen

  3. sampaioed says:

    Casting girls 49 confirms that A16 is called Audrey.

  4. Ady85 says:

    A6 isn’t pretty, but I guess it’s enough for a fluffer.

    A19 no more information on her since time? She is a very beautiful woman.

  5. JohnnyGGG says:

    Any GGG DVDs for sale – I am in london

  6. Stefan68 says:

    A17 also had a scene in “Was schluckst Du ?”.

  7. chasbonham says:

    Ouch, very damning on poor A10!
    She’s the spitting image of my ex-wife. She didn’t like cum on her face either but let me do it because she thought it was so funny that I got so excited about it. I miss that.

    Anyway A10 looks beautiful in Reingepisst – she’s only in it for 2 minutes but never fails to turn me on. Haven’t seen the other movies and can’t find them. Any links anywhere?

  8. gggloverboy says:

    A22 is one of my favourite unknowns. Very cute and willing. Betty is amazing in making sure she gets drenched in sperm.

  9. deezer says:

    A20 here in a scene for Bex with Olli T Horn.
    Haven’t located the film title yet.

    She was probably also in one of Olli T. Horn’s gangbang scenes.

  10. wanker says:

    A23 is called Katherina, was from Slovac Republik, I fucked her privately a few times. Most likely she was a dancer….never saw her again after 2005

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