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GGG Models – Sophie (2004)

Posted by Pornstarchive On January - 10 - 2013
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Sophie (2004)

Sophie GGG 1Sophie GGG face 1Sophie GGG face 2Sophie GGG face 5

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: A

Info: Little is known about Sophie outside of the GGG and JT movies.

Comments: Sophie is a bright eyed, long necked cutie that has only appeared in 2 movies in her GGG career. Only one movie and one scene in Komm und Spritz Doch, she is the center of attention; the other she only appears in a dance and lesbian scene. Despite her short stint, she is best known for her hallmark scene in which she takes multiple loads in her mouth and spits out on a plate, then tries to re-swallow the plate full of cum. Her scene is the photo featured on many GGG ads including one for this site on the right. Sophie’s most notable feature is her eyes, which are a very light blue.


2004 Komm und Spritz Doch
2004 Spritz Mich Voll, Du Schwein (LESBO)

From her main scene in Komm und Spritz Doch

Sophie GGG 2Sophie GGG 3Sophie GGG 4Sophie GGG 5Sophie GGG 6Sophie GGG 7Sophie GGG 8Sophie GGG 9Sophie GGG 10Sophie GGG 11Sophie GGG 13Sophie GGG 14Sophie GGG 15Sophie GGG 16Sophie GGG 17Sophie GGG 18

Cumshot scene from same movie. She takes several cumshots in her mouth and lets it spill out of her mouth onto a plate.

Sophie GGG cum 1Sophie GGG cum 2Sophie GGG cum 3Sophie GGG cum 4Sophie GGG cum 6Sophie GGG cum 7Sophie GGG cum 8Sophie GGG cum 9Sophie GGG cum 11Sophie GGG cum 12Sophie GGG cum 15Sophie GGG cum 16Sophie GGG cum 17Sophie GGG cum 18Sophie GGG cum 19Sophie GGG cum 20Sophie GGG cum 21

Sophie is having difficulty with all that cum. The below picture shows a subtitle in German Komm Schon..,schluck doch! that roughly translates to “Come on swallow!”. She does make the attempt but ultimately just lets the rest pour on her face.

Sophie GGG cum 22Sophie GGG cum 23Sophie GGG cum 24Sophie GGG cum 25Sophie GGG cum 26Sophie GGG cum 27Sophie GGG cum 28Sophie GGG cum 30

Below is a dance and lesbian scene in which she appears from the movie Spritz Mich Voll, Du Schwein; she is featured near the lovely Maria. This dance scene features other popular GGG girls such as Cissie, Schnuckel Bea, Anna and Tanja among others.

Sophie GGG dance 1Sophie GGG dance 2Sophie GGG dance 5Sophie GGG lesbian w Maria


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  1. Albert Coe says:

    She is so lovely. Reminds me of one of my ex girlfriends a long time ago. She didn’t swallow much either. LOL

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