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Posted by Maurilio Del Pisello On September - 15 - 2011
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Schnuckel Bea

Hair Color: Dyed Blonde

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: B

Real Name: Riccarda Sohr

Info: In the movie Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 38, produced by Subway Innovative Productions of Simon Thaur, Schnuckel Bea shows her identity card: that’s why we know her real name is Riccarda Sohr, and was born in Berlin on 1985, 14 November, and she also appears as a brunette in the photo, most likely, her natural color.
All her films date back to 2004, including Teeny Exzesse 76 – Die Schulschwänzerin, which, although released in 2005, probably also was shot in 2004. A year of great activity for this tiny little blonde, who was just over 18 years old, petite, with a cute tiny face and sweet looks but slutty beyond belief. About Bea, we know everything in 2004, and shortly thereafter but since then we have no information. For the completeness of this report, we’ve contacted Subway Innovative Productions and they say that she continued to shoot until December 2005.

Comments: Bea was a really huge talent, that performed in scenes of extreme sex, anal, and with piss, she drank eagerly and passionately. She also shot 8 films of genre scat (with Simon Thaur). As a GGG girl she often worked alongside Cissie, showing a great predilection for scenes of piss.

GGG Films:

2004 Blond Und Geil Sucht Dich! 089 349 943 (LESBO)
2004 Das Sperma-Doppel
2004 Die Sperma-Kuschlerin
2004 Die Wanne Ist Voll!!!
2004 Ich Bin Klein Der Saft Ist Mein
2004 Perverse Goldkehlchen
2004 Schluck Dich Satt
2004 Sperma Macht Schön (LESBO)
2004 Spritz Mich Voll, Du Schwein (LESBO)
2004 Vollgepisst

Not GGG Films:

2004 3 Bengel Für Charly 10 (Subway) ppppp
2004 Die Psycho-Klinik (FUCKED) (Magma)
2004 Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 38 (Subway)
ppppp anale
2004 Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 40 (Subway) ppppp anale
2004 Experiment Ausgeliefert Sein 41 (PISS) (Subway)
2004 Ich Bin Jung Und Brauche Das Geld 17 (Purzel Video 65)
2004 LoveParade (APPEARANCE) (Subway)
2005 Teeny Exzesse 76 (Videoarama) ppppp

Note: In the photos, in addition to Cissie, appear Petra, Anna and Monika.
We know that Bea has also shot a Arena Extrem (Inflagranti), of which we saw the last part, but we have no reference to the edition number.

We have seen also the video Beatrice – The Piss Drinking Teeny Slut where appears as Beatrice. The girl is almost always naked and shows her ass and pussy, masturbating and pissing. Tima also appear in the film and two other unknown girls. Bea shows a towel on which is inscribed “Hotel Admiral – Wien”. In the final Tima pisses on the street in front of the Fetish Shop XModels-Zentrale of Vienna, before entering. Decidedly unattractive, a film to be forgotten, if not for the presence of our heroine. Bea in the movie appears with hair brown, which we know to be natural ones. This detail would suggest that the video was filmed before 2004 (year in which she starts to work for GGG), when Bea was probably still a minor.

In the film Ich Bin Jung Und Brauche Das Geld 17 Bea, which shows a strong participation, does cream pie anal and vaginal.

Bonus – YouTube has a couple of videos of Schnuckel Bea in the KitKat Room. This is not affiliated with John Thompson productions.

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5 Responses so far.

  1. […] in 2 SexBox movies (with 3 scenes) and movies of Simon Thaur, including one with her friend Schnuckel Bea. In addition, by her own admission in Mädchen-Bewässerung, in a scene with Annette Schwarz, she […]

  2. Paul says:

    One wonders if Bea didn’t quite have all her faculties when she displayed her real identity in that film. She seems to be wanting to keep a low-profile now and she can’t exactly do stuff under her own name as people can simply Google her and find out what she was up to. Would most people outside of the porn industry want to employ someone that ate shit under their own names? I doubt it.

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    • If I understand correctly what you write, allow me to disagree. If Schnuckel Bea had been in a Puritan country like the States or in a Catholic country like Italy, you’d be right. Instead, in a country free enough and open-minded as Germany, the pornstars can find regular jobs, after the end of their careers erotic. For example, Kathy, a true legend, that after divorce from GGG (after 10 years!), now working in a law office. In your opinion, the law office’s lawyers will not know how Kathy has been pissing in her mouth? And our Riccarda Sohr, according to some people on the Internet, has a Facebook page and does not seem so depressed. We’d love to interview her!

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  3. joe filip says:

    I would love to just tell her how much I love seeing her and just to tell us where we can see more of her work…

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  4. dallas says:

    Great site! I came across it because sometime ago I saw a video, GGG I think that featured Bea and another blonde girl on a table. They were in a 69 position, licking each other for a while before two guys came into the picture, one of them with what is an impressively large cock it has to be said. The two guys fuck them for a while in their pussys I think before then moving to their assholes and fucking them anally. There’s quite a bit of A2M and the other blonde girl who is on the receiving end of the impressively large cock you can see is definitely struggling with it in her ass.

    So I’ve been trying to find that scene or the film to which it belongs for quite a while now but with no luck. Can anyone tell me what the film was called or point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    PS: I’ve looked through the titles listed above online at the screen shots and couldn’t find it in that list, though I may have just missed it.

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