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Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2011
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Victoria (Lisa)

Victoria GGG 1Victoria GGG 7Victoria GGG fucking 2Victoria GGG fucking 3
Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: B

Info: Thus far, no information is available for Victoria outside of the John Thompson / GGG movies.

Comments: Victoria is a gorgeous brunette with a voracious sexual appetite. Her pretty face, sexy alluring eyes and pouty lips, compliment her fit curvy body. The combination are a pleasure to watch and she seems to really get into her sex scenes with passion. Strangely, though she has a great ability for oral sex and takes cocks well, she has a strange adversity to sperm! Interestingly she’s done several GGG films in 2005 and 2006 despite this seemingly dislike for cum in her mouth.

GGG Films:

2005 Erste Sperma Begegnung
2006 Der Agent
2006 Jung und Naiv
2006 Na Spritz Doch
2006 Sperma Einladung
2006 Victoria, Das Sperma Opfer
2006 Victoria Muss Schlucken

Victoria GGG sucking3Victoria GGG fucking 1Victoria GGG fucking 5Victoria GGG 2 CocksVictoria GGG facial 5Victoria GGG facial 7

Note: Below Victoria is featured with superstar Magdalena.

Victoria GGG Face 8Victoria GGG Face 3Victoria GGG cockVictoria GGG cock 5Victoria GGG Magdalena 1Victoria GGG Magdalena 2Victoria GGG Magdalena 3Victoria GGG Magdalena 4Victoria GGG Sperma 1Victoria GGG sperma 3Victoria GGG fucking 1Victoria GGG 2 cocksVictoria GGG fucking 5Victoria GGG 2 SpermVictoria GGG 2 Sperma 6Victoria GGG 2 Sperma 7Victoria GGG 2 Sperma 8

Victoria sharing a moment with John Thompson after the “Erste Sperma Begegnung” shoot .

Victoria GGG Smile 6Victoria GGG John Thompson 1Victoria GGG John Thompson 2Victoria GGG John Thompson 3

BONUS:  Pictured below is the cover of a German magazine Bravo that features Victoria who then went by Sascia.  The date was 2004 so this was likely before her time with GGG.  She is stated to be 18 at the time of the cover.

Victoria as Sascia on Bravo Cover

Victoria as a cover girl for GGG DVDs.  Incidentally Victoria is featured on the cover of all but one of the movies she’s featured in.

Na Spritz DochVictoria, Das Sperma Opfer

Erste Sperma BegegnungVictoria Muss Schlucken

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GD Star Rating
GGG Models - Victoria, 6.7 out of 10 based on 683 ratings

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The Admin is a huge fan of the German Goo Girls movies and is pleased to be the catalyst, webmaster and host to the new version of the GGG model archive originally conceived by Maurilio. Favorite girls are Vendula, Cissie, Magdalena and Adina.

14 Responses so far.

  1. Cockler says:

    Victoria is one of The Best Porn actresses ever! I love her and love watching her perform! She remind me of one of my girlfriends named Julie Bjørkmand that i also would like to see appering in these hot GGG movies! Cute girls are born to be cum covered!

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  2. teengangbangfan says:

    Victoria is just the kind of pretty, innocent looking and cute young girl I love to see gangbanged. Love the way she keeps trying to take more loads of cum even when she’s gagging and choking on spunk. Lovely smile.

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  3. Bill Malone says:

    You can see a non GGG 26 min clip of Victoria here

    She is not enjoying it though…

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    • I think that is from Der Agent which is a GGG film under a different series…”Madchen Mund”. So technically it’s a JT film. And yeah she doesn’t appear to be enjoying it but that’s sort of the theme of the movie…like a teen that is getting taken advantage of. In this case it’s an act of course. But Victoria never appears to be enjoying the cum part which makes me wonder why she chose to work on GGG. haha. She is one gorgeous woman though.

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  4. Bali says:

    Imádom ezt a csajt:)
    I love this girl !:)

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  5. xkiddy says:

    Even if she is not really into swallowing sperm, she is the true one and only Victoria for me. Her long naked body is just eyecandy to me. A really pleasure to watch her films. And I think “Victoria, das Sperma Opfer” is a must have for a GGG-fan. In combination with that incredible ecstatic lesbian scene between Amili and Maren is that film a pure enjoyment.

    So I don’t understand the rating above. So you adore her looking but rate her films low. I think it has to be about how enjoyable the scenes are. For example the scene with Magdalena. How good is this like they work together. So who cares that at the end Magdelena drinks the sperm?

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  6. gggle2 says:

    Victoria appeared also in the Create-X Bukkake Movies (also known as
    Those movies are nearly better than the GGG movies.
    Her name there was Anna and the movie is called “Sperma Drinks”

    There is also an interview with her in “Die Riesen Sauerei Teil 1” by Create-X, she is the girl on the cover

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  7. Ingo Fick says:

    Oh, i know who that coat on the chair behind the desk belongs to..! Memorries!!

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