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Posted by Pornstarchive On August - 20 - 2013
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Tatiana GGG 1 Tatiana GGG 2    Tatiana GGG 38  Tatiana GGG 40

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: B

Aliases:  Tess, Mirjam

Info: Little is known about Tatiana outside of GGG and John Thompson movies.  She appeared as Tess in the Casting videos, then was known as Tatiana.  In the row of starlets on GGG’s official site, she is labeled as “Mirjam”.

Comments: Tatiana is a cute petite bodied brunette that has appeared in only a handful of GGG movies.  She has a pretty face with lovely perky breasts.  No stranger to cum, she is willing and accepting of the sperm.  In her scenes she has worked with some of the legends of GGG.  Though she has only done 3 movies, she left behind some great scenes. Her filmography features the same titles as Magdalena (Lena).

GGG Films:

2003 Schwester! Ich Muss Abspritzen!!
2003 Sperma Dschungel
2003 Sperma Für Chantal (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)

Pics from Sperma Dschungel. Scene with White Pony as well as a few other notable German Goo Girls.

Tatiana-GGG-5 Tatiana-GGG-6 Tatiana-GGG-7 Tatiana-GGG-8 Tatiana-GGG-9 Tatiana-GGG-10 Tatiana-GGG-11 Tatiana-GGG-13 Tatiana-GGG-14 Tatiana-GGG-15 Tatiana-GGG-16 Tatiana-GGG-17 Tatiana-GGG-18 Tatiana-GGG-19 Tatiana-GGG-20 Tatiana-GGG-21 Tatiana-GGG-22 Tatiana-GGG-23 Tatiana-GGG-25 Tatiana-GGG-26

Below is an interaction with the lovely superstar Annette Schwarz

Tatiana-GGG-27 Tatiana-GGG-28 Tatiana-GGG-29 Tatiana-GGG-30 Tatiana-GGG-31 Tatiana-GGG-32 Tatiana-GGG-32b Tatiana-GGG-33 Tatiana-GGG-34 Tatiana-GGG-35


Second scene from Sperma Dschungel in which Tatiana appears.  Third scene in the movie total.

Tatiana-GGG-37 Tatiana-GGG-38 Tatiana-GGG-39 Tatiana-GGG-40 Tatiana-GGG-41 Tatiana-GGG-42 Tatiana-GGG-43 Tatiana-GGG-44 Tatiana-GGG-45 Tatiana-GGG-46 Tatiana-GGG-47 Tatiana-GGG-48 Tatiana-GGG-50 Tatiana-GGG-51 Tatiana-GGG-52 Tatiana-GGG-53

Towards the end of the movie; Tatiana with the sperm crazed cutie Maria

Tatiana-GGG-54 Tatiana-GGG-55 Tatiana-GGG-56 Tatiana-GGG-57 Tatiana-GGG-59 Tatiana-GGG-60 Tatiana-GGG-61 Tatiana-GGG-62 Tatiana-GGG-63 Tatiana-GGG-64

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6 Responses so far.

  1. younggangbangfan says:

    Tatiana’s bukkake scene in Sperma Dschungel still ranks as one of the best in my book. She keeps her mouth open open as it fills and fills with cum from several heavy loads.
    Plus she has great tits. Normally I go for the youngest GGG girls, but Tatiana’s more womanly figure and slutty behaviour are attractive.

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  2. Bill says:

    She looks a bit like Danni Minogue is some shots. That’s good.

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  3. pajero-ggg says:

    she is very pretty- i love in Sperma Dschungel. geile sau

    GD Star Rating
  4. RetroResolutionRestoration says:
    She appears in this old video by some Italian guy called Dario Lussuria. She looks younger here compared to when she did scenes with JT. Not surprising since the video looks like it’s from the mid-90s

    GD Star Rating

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