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Posted by Maurilio Del Pisello On August - 9 - 2011
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Paris Milton

Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton

Hair Color: Blonde

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: B

Real Name: Nicole W.

Info: No information is available for Paris Milton outside of the John Thompson / GGG movies. According to the tv-kult Forum, she would appear on a television program on sex testimonies (2008) of the German private channels, ProSieben (also known as Pro7), with her name: Nicole W.

Comments: Paris Milton was a meteor that quickly became a fan favorite. This wonderful thin modelesque blond, who vaguely resembles Paris Hilton (hence the name), seemed destined to a rapid rise, but after just 4 films has disappeared. Even her Facebook profile was deleted. In her four films Paris gives ample proof of her remarkable abilities.

GGG Films:

2008 Paris Sperma Imperium

2008 Sperma und Pisse 6
♥♥♥♥♥ pppp
2008 Sperma Für Paris ♥♥♥♥♥
2008 Sperma Tussi

Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton Paris Milton

Thanks to a fan of the site, below are pics from the interview held on ProSieben under the name Nicole W.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Alucard says:

    I wish Paris Milton had been in more GGG videos, her performance in those videos were amazing.

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  2. Albert Coe says:

    So much better looking than Paris Hilton. Hilton for me 6/10, Milton 8.5/10

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  3. Strikergod27 says:

    Here is the link to the interview she gave on ProSieben:

    on German:
    „Also ich hab gerne und oft Sex“
    „Auch mehrmals am Tag“
    The Interview:
    Haben Sie eine dominante Ader?
    „Ich werde schon mal dominanter im Bett, ja“
    Sie verbreiten gerne Schmerzen?
    „Manchmal. Ja ich nehm da schon teilweise ne Peitsche. Also das turnt schon an, da spiel ich auch manchmal die Dominante“
    Was hält denn ihr Freund davon? Kommt der damit klar?
    „Mal mehr mal weniger“
    Thema Sexualpartner:
    „Ah, ich mit ner Frau, also 2 Frauen 1 Mann, wieso nicht, klar.“
    Zum Thema Pornos:
    „Also früher waren das immer ganz gute „Lehrvideos“, was man da neues ausprobieren könnte“
    „Ah ja wir haben tatsächlich mal ne Kamera gehabt, hatten die dann auch vor dem Bett aufgebaut und gedreht, gut, war schon ne lustige Sache, allerdings kommts natürlich auch drauf an, obs der Partner für sich behält oder weiterreicht. Natürlich wurde er weitergereicht, ja“
    Thema Sexspielzeug:
    „Peitsche, Handschellen, Vibrator, Krankenschwesterkostüme, Lack und Leder“
    Thema Sexstellungen:
    „Reiten, Reiterstellung, von Hinten und natürlich auch was jeder Mann liebt, Blasen. Anal ist natürlich intensiver, steh ich auch drauf“

    on English:
    “So I like and often have sex”
    “Also, several times a day”
    The Interview:
    Do you have a dominant side?
    “I like to be kind of dominant in bed, yes”
    Do you like to spread pain?
    “Sometimes. Yes I partially use a whip. So that turns me on, so I can be quite dominant”
    What does your boyfried think about it? Is he alright with it?
    “Sometimes more, sometimes less”
    About sexual partners:
    “Aah, me with a woman, so 2 women 1 man, why not, yeah.”
    About pornography:
    “So that always used to be very good “instructional videos” for what new things we could try”
    “Ah yes, we have actually had put up a camera in the front of our bed one time and filmed a little bit, well, it was a funny thing, but it much depends on wheather the partner keeps it for himself or spreads it. Of course he spread it, yes”
    Theme toys:
    “Whip, handcuffs, vibrators, nurse costumes, fetish clothing”
    Sexpositions topic:
    “Me on top, from behind, and of course what every man loves, blowjob. Anal is naturally more intense and i like it, too.”

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  4. bobsmith says:

    Paris is a stunning cum queen 🙂

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