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Posted by admin On October - 8 - 2011
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Kelly GGG 2Kelly GGG 3Kelly GGG 5Kelly GGG 6

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: B

Ethnicity: Mixed Race

Tattoo(es): Kelly has a tattoo of an ankh on her abdomen.

Aliases: Lola

Info: Not much is known about Kelly outside of the GGG movies.  It is speculated that she could have English or American background.  However updated info from a forum post a few years ago, Kelly is likely of Dutch nationality.  She is reported to have done a number of scenes for Dutch websites first as ‘Katja’ and later as ‘Lola’.  Facts from the user:  “As ‘Lola’ she appears in Straatmeiden voor Geld and Tienergangbang (both also on DVD). Speaks ‘ABN’ Dutch. She was also reported to have been on a Dutch talent agency website (Erotische Modellen) as ‘Lola’.  In Straatmeiden she claims to be from Bussum, and then changes it to ‘Het Gooi’ However, she is picked up from the Uitgeest train station. That’s less than 7 km from Akersloot.”  The user also reported that her German has a slight Dutch accent.

Comments: Kelly is a presumably mixed race, curly haired cutie with an innocent face, small petite body and voracious sexual appetite.  She is very engaging, prone to smiling and friendly on camera, often interacting with the people behind the scenes.  She is shown to have a good sense of humor as well.  In the movie Kelly Im Sperma-Himmel, Kelly frequently interacts and speaks in perfect English, first with White Pony in her first scene (partially in German and a few words in English) and primarily with someone behind the camera… could be John Thompson.  Towards the end of the last scene she says in English “All gone, all clear…I drank it all”, then asks the person behind the camera “Would you like a sip?”.  The behind the scenes person laughs and says “yes” and she then grabs a cock and jokes “Ok…catch”.  Such a cute starlet with a short lived GGG career.

GGG Films:

2003 Kelly Im Spermahimmel
2003 Piss & Sperma Rallye (LESBO)
2004 Cissie, Jung und Durstig

Kelly GGG 7Kelly GGG 9Kelly GGG 10Kelly GGG 11Kelly GGG 12Kelly GGG 13Kelly GGG 14Kelly GGG 15Kelly GGG 16Kelly GGG 17Kelly GGG 19Kelly GGG 20Kelly GGG 22Kelly GGG 25Kelly GGG 28Kelly GGG 31Kelly GGG 33Kelly GGG 34Kelly GGG 36Kelly GGG 37Kelly GGG 38Kelly GGG 40Kelly GGG 41Kelly GGG 42

Note: Above she shares cum with Maria.

Kelly GGG 43Kelly GGG 46Kelly GGG 49Kelly GGG 48Kelly GGG 50Kelly GGG 51Kelly GGG 52Kelly GGG 54Kelly GGG 56Kelly GGG 57Kelly GGG 58Kelly GGG 59Kelly GGG 60Kelly GGG 61Kelly GGG 62Kelly GGG 63

Note: Kelly in piss performance.

Below are a few pics from a scene in the Dutch series Tienergangbang.  She is titled as Lola.

Kelly aka Lola in Dutch Tienergangbang 1 Kelly aka Lola in Dutch Tienergangbang 2 Kelly aka Lola in Dutch Tienergangbang 3 Kelly aka Lola in Dutch Tienergangbang 4

Below is Kelly as a John Thompson DVD cover girl.

Kelly im Sperma Himmel Cover


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The Admin is a huge fan of the German Goo Girls movies and is pleased to be the catalyst, webmaster and host to the new version of the GGG model archive originally conceived by Maurilio. Favorite girls are Vendula, Cissie, Magdalena and Adina.

3 Responses so far.

  1. John Franklin says:

    This girl Kelly is really adorable. She’s sooo cute.

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  2. RetroResolutionRestoration says:

    Yep shes Dutch. When she did Dutch scenes she used different names. Funny enough she actually used her real name at GGG. She probably thought it was fine, since it in was Germany.
    A couple of years back she did an interview in a local newspaper/newssite with her full name and photo. The article was about the fact that its getting harder every year for young people to find a house. She was in somewhere in her mid-30s at the time.

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