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Posted by Pornstarchive On February - 18 - 2015
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Julie Skyhigh

Julie Skyhigh GGG 0076 Julie Skyhigh GGG 0063 Julie Skyhigh GGG 0062 Julie Skyhigh GGG 007

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: D

Aliases: Julie, Julie Jodar

Info: Julie Skyhigh is known in the international porn circuit as the next rising superstar.  She is reportedly from Belgium and is in her early 20’s as of this posting.  She has done movies for GGG,  and other German production companies as well as photo shoots for various sites.  It is apparent she is fluent in English and German as she is spoken to and responds in both languages in her GGG appearances.

Comments: Julie is truly remarkable with an adorable face, beautiful fit body and a sex drive that is matched by few others in the industry. She exudes innocence yet intense sexuality in her scenes.  Always smiling, friendly and willing to take on almost anything that is thrown her way, she is a breath of fresh air for those wanting the girl next door with a voracious sexual appetite.  Hopefully we will see more of Julie in GGG and other films to come!

GGG Films:

2013 Anna + Julie! Her Mit Dem Sperma ♥♥♥♥♥ anale
2013 Julie In Der Männer Arena ♥♥♥♥♥ anale
2014 Julie & Mia Total Zugepisst pppp anale

Below is Julie from Anna + Julie! Her Mit Dem Sperma.  She appears and speaks (in English) with Anna and the GGG legend Viktoria Goo

Julie Skyhigh GGG 001 Julie Skyhigh GGG 004 Julie Skyhigh GGG 005 Julie Skyhigh GGG 006 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00008 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00009 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00010 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00011 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00012 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00013 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00014 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00015 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00018 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00020 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00021 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00022 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00023 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00025 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00026 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00027 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00029 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00030 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00031 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00032 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00033 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00034 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00035 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00036 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00037 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00038 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00039 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00040 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00041 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00042 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00043 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00044 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00045 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00046 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00047 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00048 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00049 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00050 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00051 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00052 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00053 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00054 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00055 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00056

Second scene from the same movie.

Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00057 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00058 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00059 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00069 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00071 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00072 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00073 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00078 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00079 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00080 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00083 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00086 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00088 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00089 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00090 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00092 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00094 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00096 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00097 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00099 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00100 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00101 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00103 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00105 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00107 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00108 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00109 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00113 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00115 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00118 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00119 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00120 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00121 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00122 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00130 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00134 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00145 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00149 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00156 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00158 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00163 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00165 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00167 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00171 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00172 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00173 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00175 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00178 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00180 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00183 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00194 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00200 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00203 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00207 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00210 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00212 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00219 Julie-Skyhigh-ggg-00220

Julie Skyhigh from her photoshoots on her personal site.

Julie-skyhigh-alt2 Julie-Skyhigh-alt3 Julie-Skyhigh-alt4 Julie-Skyhigh-alt5 Julie-Skyhigh-alt6 Julie-Skyhigh-alt7 Julie-Skyhigh-alt8


Julie as a GGG cover model.



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3 Responses so far.

  1. Lowenbrau says:

    Julie is great – always glamorous and friendly to her fans. Surprised she never made more movies with JT.

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  2. Julie has become one of my new favorites. Charming, sexy and beautiful. xoxox

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  3. Nonk says:

    Julie is a self confessed nymphomaniac. But she is way more.
    She is Belgian, living in Uccle a suburb of Brussels. Born 13-12-1991
    She is tri-lingual speaking French, Flemish and English. But does not speak German, which is why she speaks English in her GGG performances.
    She has been a prostitute and possibly still is. Ave. Franklin Roosevelt in Brussels was her territory.
    She has a Facebook page as Julie Jodar and a Twitter account @julieskyhigh
    Her real name is Stephanie Jodard and she attended the VUB university in Brussels.

    Interestingly she seems to use yet another name. Stephanie Manie.

    She is also a fashion model and has done photoshoots for Vincent Delinckx.

    She has a very close relationship with Vincent and I get the feeling (no proof) that they are a couple, perhaps even married.

    Her current passion, if thats the correct word, is for extreme anal sex.
    But personally I enjoy her earlier creampie gangbang and pissing repertoir.

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