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Posted by Pornstarchive On December - 23 - 2011
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Alesia GGG 4Alesia GGG 2Alesia GGG 3Alesia GGG 5

Hair Color: Blond

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: A

Aliases: Claudia, Conny, Coleen

Info: Not much information is available about Alesia outside of GGG / JT movies. There is some speculation she was an amateur ballerina that would travel to Munich to earn money for her family. This has not been confirmed. It is known, however, that Alesia has done movies outside of the John Thompson franchise, included Sperma Party 10 (Karo Films) filmed in 2005.

Comments: Alesia is a stunning blond beauty with a lovely face, bright blue eyes and a gorgeous smile that she shows brightly in nearly all her performances. She can be the center of the attention or a background performer. She performed in early movies of GGG but made what we believe to be her porn debut in a different series dubbed Lolitasex under the name Alena. Due to her youthful appearance and petite frame, she is often featured in teen “barely legal” themed movies. The above photos are at the beginning of the film Die Spermaschluck Teenies, and they demonstrate Alesia’s modeling talents.

GGG Films:

1999 Die Sperma Schluck Teenies ♥♥♥♥
1999 Die Sperma Ballerina (as Conny) ♥♥♥
1999 Der Perverse Sperma Professor ♥♥♥♥
2003 *Aucht Ich Mocht Schlucken! ♥♥♥♥♥
2003 Bin Ich Zu Jung? ♥♥♥♥♥
2003 Schluck und Sei Still (as Claudia) ♥♥♥
2003 Sperma Ist Fur Alle Da ♥♥♥
2005** Sperma-Girlies teil 1 – Alesia Schluckt Alles ♥♥♥♥
2006*** Komm! Spritz ab!! ♥♥♥♥

* This film was released on DVD in France under the title Pompeuses Girls.

** The film was released on VHS the first time in 1999 under the title Sperma Girlies Claudia Schluckt Alles, re-released in DVD with a new cover in 2005. The girl on the cover is always the same: Claudia aka Alesia.
*** The film includes a scene with Tima Michalova and Alesia, probably filmed in 1999, and a scene with Nadine and Martina, filmed in 2000/2001.

Alesia GGG 6Alesia GGG 7Alesia GGG 8Alesia GGG 9Alesia GGG 10Alesia GGG 11Alesia GGG 12Alesia GGG 13Alesia GGG 14Alesia GGG 39Alesia GGG 40Alesia GGG 15Alesia GGG 16Alesia GGG 17Alesia GGG 18Alesia GGG 19Alesia GGG 20Alesia GGG 21Alesia GGG 22Alesia GGG 23Alesia GGG 24Alesia GGG 25Alesia GGG 26Alesia GGG 28Alesia GGG 32Alesia GGG 33Alesia GGG 35Alesia GGG 41Alesia GGG 43Alesia GGG 44Alesia GGG 45

Note: In the pictures above appears Tima Michalova. Below are pics from Aucht Ich Mocht Schlucken! in which Alesia is the centerpiece of a many man bukkake session.

Alesia GGG 50 bukkakeAlesia GGG 51Alesia GGG 54Alesia GGG 55Alesia GGG 56Alesia GGG 57Alesia GGG 58Alesia GGG 61Alesia GGG 62Alesia GGG 63

More of the lovely Alesia in the 2nd scene of the same movie.

Alesia GGG 65Alesia GGG 66Alesia GGG 67Alesia GGG 69Alesia GGG 70Alesia GGG 73Alesia GGG 74Alesia GGG 75Alesia GGG 76Alesia GGG 78Alesia GGG 79Alesia GGG 80Alesia GGG 81Alesia GGG 82

BONUS: Below are pics that are not of the John Thompson franchise. They are from a series known as Lolitasex and she is dubbed with the name Alena. It is speculated that this is her porn debut or at the very least, before her days at GGG. Interestingly the cumshot facial she receives at the end of this film she seems adverse to..perhaps it was her first one (on camera). Somewhat ironically she goes from this fresh-faced newcomer here that seems to be cum shy, to taking bukkake facials with John Thompson in GGG films!

Alena 1Alena 2Alena 3Alena 4Alena 5Alena 7 lolitasex nudeAlena 8Alena 9Alena 11Alena 12 fuckedAlena 13 fuckingAlena 15Alena 17Alena 18Alena 19Alena 20Alena 21Alena 22 doggystyleAlena 24 doggystyleAlena 25Alena 26Alena 28Alena 29Alena 30Alena 32 cumshotAlena 35Alena 36Alena 37Alena 38Alena 39Alena 40

Probably in 2005, Alesia took part in the movie Sperma Party 10 of the Karo Films Productions. Here the cover.

Below shows Alesia as a GGG DVD cover model.

Alesia Schluct AllesDie Sperma BallerinaAuch Ich Mocht SchluckenDie Spermaschluck Teenies

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Bill Malone says:

    Fucking wow. I would pump on that until Doomsday. I had no idea she made so many. Well done!

    GD Star Rating
  2. John Franklin says:

    Wow she’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve seen her before but forget how pretty she is.

    GD Star Rating
  3. Stiffbone says:

    I’m a big fan of Alesia, I have all her films. Do you know the name of the Lolitasex vid?

    Would love to see it

    Keep up the great work!

    GD Star Rating
  4. teengangbangfan says:

    The early scene pictured, where her face is totally plastered in cum, it’s a classic; such a pretty, petite girl, clearly struggling with the huge amount of sperm. I also have her Sperma Party title, which looks pre GGG to me. Such cute, shy smiles as she learns what she must do when being gangbanged by a big group of domineering older men. Just a shame she didn’t do anal or DP, that would have been something…

    GD Star Rating
  5. Ady85 says:

    Hello. No one has more info about Alesia? She hasn’t filmed anything since 2005? Hasn’t she given any sign of life since? Thank you for your answers 😉

    GD Star Rating
  6. gggloverboy says:

    She gets absolutely plastered in Aucht Ich Mocht Schlucken! The gorgeous Manuela licking her cumglazed face makes this one of my favourite GGG moments

    GD Star Rating
    • RetroResolutionRestoration says:

      And then Manuela sits on her face while she herself is getting blasted with thick loads, which she swallows all of it with a huge smile. Arguably one of the best GGG scenes ever!

      GD Star Rating

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