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Posted by admin On July - 7 - 2011
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Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Fit

Chest Size: D

Info: Not much is known about Adriana out GGG / John Thompson movies.

Comments: Beautiful woman, sensual, sweet, slowly swallows cumshot after cumshot and clearly relishes the sex, but unfortunately, she’s only in a few GGG films.

GGG Films:

2001 Die Sperma Madonna (BLOWJOB & FUCKED)
2001 Ich Suche Sperma ♥♥♥♥♥
2001 Rein Mit Dem Sperma ♥♥♥♥♥
2002 Nicht Ohne Dein Sperma ♥♥♥♥♥
2002 Runtergeschluckt! Na und? ♥♥♥♥

Non GGG Films:

2000 Olli Der Testficker Test 1 (Bex Television)
2010* Echter Amateurs Gangbang (Project 54)

* The scene with Adriana probably was shot in 2001-2002.

Note: Blonde Claudia also appears in the photos.

Note: Adriana appears in the video Echter Amateur Gangbang, edited by Project 54. From our investigation, it seems that the video was released in 2010, but the material contained seems much older, perhaps dating between 2001 and 2002. Even if it turned so sloppy and in a bad place, the scene shows Adriana grappling with several dicks, that sucks one after another and finally uses the semen as toothpaste.

Adriana as DVD Cover girl

On Pornhub, Adriana fan Milfnet has made some compilation films of Adriana’s best bits.

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The Admin is a huge fan of the German Goo Girls movies and is pleased to be the catalyst, webmaster and host to the new version of the GGG model archive originally conceived by Maurilio. Favorite girls are Vendula, Cissie, Magdalena and Adina.

2 Responses so far.

  1. xkiddy says:

    this needs a update.
    Adriana was in 3 movies as i know
    Ich suche Sperma (2001)
    Nicht ohne dein Sperma (2001)
    Runtergeschluckt! Na und? (2002)
    she was nice to watch, because everyone was about to play with her big tits

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    • Thanks for your report, is a great help to inform the errors!!!
      The film “Nicht Ohne Dein Sperma” was inserted in the letter A, but not in the profile of Adriana. Now the error has been corrected.
      “Ich Suche Sperma”, instead, has not yet been included because, as is our custom, we try to identify all the girls in the film.
      Adriana also appears in another film, not yet entered in database: “Die Sperma Madonna”.
      Thanks a lot!!!

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