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Posted by Pornstarchive On February - 26 - 2013
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Sunny GGG 001Sunny GGG 011Sunny GGG 039Sunny GGG 068

Hair Color: Brunette

Body Type: Thin

Chest Size: A

Info: Little is known about Sunny outside of the GGG and John Thompson franchise.

Comments: Sunny is a very pretty petite girl with full lips, green eyes and a sexy look. Making her debut in 2008, she made a series of movies then took a 3 year hiatus only to return in 2011 at the new location. Upon her return she seemed to have put on a little weight but increased her appetite for sex and cum! Sunny has different hairstyles in different movies, but appears to keep it short and light brown. In the film Sperma Steht Mir Gut, she is wearing a blond wig. Two of her films have the word “Mäuschen” as a reference to her, which translates to “little mouse”. Sunny’s latest appearance was in 2011 and it is unknown whether or not she will return. Hopefully she will continue her sexy career!

GGG Films:

2008 Mäuschen Schluckt Wieder
2008 Sperma Steht Mir Gut!
2008 Sperma und Pisse 5
2008 Sperma Tussi
2008 Sunny, Sperma Mäuschen
2011 Blasen, Schlucken, Blasen
2011 Michelle Schluckt Zum Ersten Mal*
2011 Niki Schluck Wieder* ♥♥♥♥♥
2011 Sperma Trilogie
2011 Sunny Auf Sperma-Abwegen

*The final scene is the same in the two films with Sunny and Adina.

Shots above and below are from Mäuschen Schluckt Wieder

Sunny GGG 012Sunny GGG 014Sunny GGG 019Sunny GGG 022Sunny GGG 027Sunny GGG 036Sunny GGG 042Sunny GGG 046Sunny GGG 048Sunny GGG 056Sunny GGG 061Sunny GGG 064Sunny GGG 067Sunny GGG 070Sunny GGG 072Sunny GGG 079Sunny GGG 091

Different scene from the same movie.

Sunny GGG 095Sunny GGG 100 2 cocksSunny GGG 110Sunny GGG 113Sunny GGG 117Sunny GGG 123


Sunny in GGG film Sperma Steht Mir Gut! She appears with a blond wig.

Sunny GGG 1101Sunny GGG 1105Sunny GGG 1113Sunny GGG 1115Sunny GGG 1116Sunny GGG 1118Sunny GGG 1120Sunny GGG 1123Sunny GGG 1124Sunny GGG 1129Sunny GGG 1132Sunny GGG 1133Sunny GGG 1139Sunny GGG 1140Sunny GGG 1142Sunny GGG 1143Sunny GGG 1146Sunny GGG 1149Sunny GGG 1151Sunny GGG 1157Sunny GGG 1162Sunny GGG 1168Sunny GGG 1169Sunny GGG 1175Sunny GGG 1177Sunny GGG 1188Sunny GGG 1191Sunny GGG 1193Sunny GGG 1195Sunny GGG 1197


In a later film, Niki Schluck Wieder, Sunny performs solo then later is brought over to another scene being filmed and pairs with the lovely Adina.

Sunny GGG 1201Sunny GGG 1202Sunny GGG 1204Sunny GGG 1207Sunny GGG 1208Sunny GGG 1212Sunny GGG 1214Sunny GGG 1216Sunny GGG 1217Sunny GGG 1218Sunny GGG 1219Sunny GGG 1222Sunny GGG 1224Sunny GGG 1227Sunny GGG 1232Sunny GGG 1235Sunny GGG 1237


Sunny as a GGG cover girl

Mauschen Schluckt Wieder CoverSperma Steht Mir GutSunny, Sperma Mäuschen CoverSunny auf Sperma abwegen

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4 Responses so far.

  1. younggangbangfan says:

    In the early films especially, Sunny had the perfect little tits and super-petite body of a young girl built for gang-bang. What I wouldn’t have given to join in..

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  2. SpermWwa says:

    @ younggangbangfan – couldn’t agree more! Sunny is super in the 2008 films!

    GD Star Rating
  3. Sex-Legend says:

    I was lucky enough to date 3 GGG Girls (I used to live in Munich) and I dated Sunny off and on again from 2007 to 2012, I can definitely say that she has really learned a lot 😀

    GD Star Rating
  4. noushi says:

    I’ve got “Blasen, Schlucken, Blasen” and “Sperma Tussi” (both with Sunny) to trade against other GGG DVDs. Contact me at

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