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GGG Models – Julie Skyhigh

Julie Skyhigh Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Fit Chest Size: D Aliases: Julie, Julie Jodar Info: Julie Skyhigh is known in the international porn circuit as the next rising superstar.  She is ...

Julie Skyhigh GGG 0053

GGG Models – Emma Starr

Emma Starr Hair Color: Blond Body Type: Fit Chest Size: DD Info: According to Emma Starr's bio on the IMDB website, Emma (aka Emma Starr) is a San Diego born American ...

Emma Star GGG

GGG Models – Lilu

Lilu Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Thin Chest Size: A Info:  Very little is known about Lilu outside of her one appearance in a John Thompson film. Comments: A rarity in GGG ...

lilu ggg 008

GGG Models – Milka

Milka Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Thin Chest Size: B Info: Little is known about Milka outside of the GGG films. Comments: Angelic, sweet, smiling, Milka is in addition to the many ...

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27 Responses so far.

  1. derek says:

    i so mush need to be in one of these movies, come to manchester ( englang) lets do it.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi there. The film „Sperma Neugier“ (December 2003) is missing. The actress on the cover named Claudia (not one of them which are already listed) and Annegreth has also an appearance.


  3. GGG Devot-ee says:

    Hi there.

    I noticed a few things while looking around your site.

    You are missing an entry for ‘Goldy Entdeckt die Männer – Teil 3′ under ‘movies G – L’.

    Also, the unknown blonde girl A72 (the cover girl for ‘Spritzt du jetzt ab?’ September 2001) is referred to as ‘Lucie’ on the back of the DVD cover.


    • Thanks for the valuable info!!
      The movie with Goldy (Goldy entdeckt die Männer – Teil. 3) will be inserted as soon as possible, there are still about 30 old films to be included in the database, in particular those released before 2000.

      Thanks also for the suggestion of the cover of the film “Spritz Du Jetzt Ab”. A72, Lucie, will be transferred to the letter L.

  4. SpermWwa says:

    A great site, very useful!

    One thing I would like to see is more information on “MODELS BY FEATURES” – Tits: Natural / Fake ….. Tatoos: No / Yes – some, many.

    Sorry to ask, but I hate fake tits & tattoos. I prefer not to waste time with these models.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  5. aldolinho aldolinho says:

    Hi Mauro!

    Really big thanks for keeping this site so well. To make it even better, please add “GGG 26514 – Das Erste Mal – Leonies 1. Vollgespritze” to the movies database, it was produced and released in 2010 with the models Leonie (the one from the 2010 movie “Model Auf Sperma Abwegen”) and Janine. (At least I couldn’t find it there.)
    Besides, go on with your invaluable work.


  6. aldolinho aldolinho says:

    Sorry to disturb again.
    I also miss “GGG 26537 – Das Erste Mal – Charly! Sperma für ihren Mädchenmund” and its feature actress Charly in the database. She even comes in front of the cam (or is colse to it at least) and shows some deepthroating skills.
    Next one I miss is “GGG 26538 – Das Erste Mal – Soo viel Sperma für Elise” with – who would guess: Elise (and some help from Viktoria Goo).


  7. randomguy says:

    Hey, I am new here. So i see this is a german pornstar archive and i would like to know the actress in this video

    I have searched everywhere the video was hosted but none gives the name of the actress. I mean, almost everywhere the video is available but no names. Please Help.

  8. charlie charlie says:

    Hi guys!
    First of all, congratulations!! You are doing an amazing job! Every GGG fan must know this site.
    I would like to suggest a thread with Yvonne (Sperma-forever). Isn’t she lovely?

  9. est_2 est_2 says:

    Totally agree with Charlie ! Im a massive GGG cum slut fan! this site is amazing
    I’ve been looking for a GGG forum for ages!

    Well done and great work gonna really enjoy finding out about the GGG porno stars

  10. charlie charlie says:

    Hi guys!
    Have you seen this interview, with Julie? (link below)
    She is on “Julie in der mannen arena”
    She has a facebook, and also has an registered account at the site, as Julie Skyhigh.
    Maybe you could contact her for another interview!

  11. pwh pwh says:

    Hi guys.
    I miss in your archive this woman:

    I guess not each guy would like her appearance, but I would like this archive to be as much complete as possible.

  12. pwh pwh says:

    Strange thing: When I put my post on this side of this web, there is a reaction. When I put my post to some other part of this web, there’s usually no reaction.
    So what I put elswhere I put again on this side.
    It’s about my favorite girl Elise who now acts as Luisa.
    She has also done a movie – in which she works with piss – called Elise vollgepisst

    It hasen’t been added yet. And I think this one deserve to be seen for Elise is doing great with the piss. Another of her appereances is maybe too new for this web. It’s in this movie:

  13. baro22 says:

    Hi guys so fare i have seen Linda Lush in GGG movie ,so the big question when will we see that wonderfull LAURA who teamed up with Linda in some moves from SpermaStudio
    I’ll think we are many many of us that would just die to see her in a GG/JT movie

  14. cuteboy virat cuteboy virat says:

    hello everyone..this is an awseome website to access models info

  15. untitled413 says:

    this is my first post here i have been following for a while but decided to sign up u guyz deserve it.

    first of all can anybody clarify to me why the sexbox series ended and why there are no more of it made these days??

    my favorites are viktoria ofcourse, vendula girl just blew my mind with that piss scene and dp and lastly paris milton so fucking beautiful

    i just want to say plz can vendula and paris come back and shoot more stuff
    and plz viktoria take ur clothes off while performing show ur body why she always never shows her abs and boobs she is fucking beautiful

    plz answer my question above anyone?

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Julie Skyhigh GGG 0053

GGG Models - Julie S

Julie Skyhigh Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Fit Chest Size: ...

Emma Star GGG

GGG Models - Emma St

Emma Starr Hair Color: Blond Body Type: Fit Chest Size: ...

lilu ggg 008

GGG Models - Lilu

Lilu Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Thin Chest Size: A Info:  ...

Wilkommen Im Spermland

Willkommen Im Sperma

Willkommen Im Spermaland Movie Title: Willkommen Im Spermaland English Translation: "Welcome to ...


GGG Models - Milka

Milka Hair Color: Brunette Body Type: Thin Chest Size: B Info: ...


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